The Final Essay in this course should consist of the following elements: Your essay must be at least five pages in length and should be typed in 12-point Times New Roman font. There must be a title to your paper. If block quotes are used, the block quotes should be appropriately indented, and no quotation marks should be placed around the block quotes. Your essay should be about an intriguing concept that you are interested in. You need to dissect something intriguing about your topic. Remember, the more focused you are, the more impactful and powerful your essay will be. At least two outside sources should be included in your essay; in-text citations and properly formatted references should be present. Click here for more information on how you are expected to cite and reference sources in academic papers. Make sure your references are reputable—a good place to search for reputable sources is the Waldorf Online Library. A strong, solid thesis (the argument that ties your paper together) should be present. The thesis CANNOT be an obvious statement. There is no point in writing a paper if you are merely reiterating facts that you already know. You need to be intriguing and insightful in your paper. There should be a strong development of your thesis, as well as strong and solid claims. Your essay should take a careful and focused examination of your topic, and fluid transitions between paragraphs should be used. Think of the questions: Who? What? When? Where? How? Why? Answer these questions within your essay. Make your Final Essay as objective as possible by eliminating pronouns such as “I,” “me,” and “you.” These will make you stray toward opinion. Do not add your personal opinion on the topic; rather, focus the argument or illustration of your thesis. Also, do not back out of your claims by including phrases such as “possibly,” “probably,” “I believe,” or “in my opinion.” A strong conclusion should touch base with the claims you have made, and reinforce the significance of your thesis. Make your essay powerful! Assert your claims, but always back them up with sources and evidence. Believe in yourself and what you have to say. Have confidence in your paper! Be very detailed, as well. The more focused and detailed you are, the stronger your essay will be. So again, carefully present your topic, and analyze the situation in detail. Back up your claims with evidence. Analyze that evidence. Immerse your reader in your topic and research. Make your reader as excited as you are. Reminder: NO slang or jargon should be used. Also, this is not a standard five-paragraph essay. You will definitely have more than five paragraphs. Make sure to PROOFREAD!


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