The best sports promotions are the ones that catch

Please respond to the following prompt in 200 words as if you were contributing toa discussion.Prompt:The best sports promotions are the ones that catch a person’s eye. A major form ofsports promotions is commercials. Commercials are widely seen around the worldbecause of a person’s access to a television and a cable provider. Most people spend a lotof time watching television or viewing commercials online. The commercials that standout are the commercials that are intended to be funny or humor the audience. If acommercial is funny then people pay attention to it more because they get a laugh out ofthe commercial. This also makes people want to tell others about the commercial, whichis marketing the product. There are two commercials that stand out to me because theyare entertaining. Both commercials are Foot Locker commercials to sell their shoes. Onecommercial features NBA stars Tim Duncan and Derrick Rose promoting the FootLocker Week of Greatness. This commercial was effective because it incorporated bigname basketball stars to promote their product. These two NBA players are included inthe list of top players in the basketball league. Many people look up to these players andview their games on a consistent basis. The second commercial features NBA All-StarKyrie Irving promoting the month of February shoe releases for Foot Locker. Thiscommercial also features a big name in the basketball community. Just like Tim Duncanand Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving is widely viewed and well-respected by basketball fans.Both commercials were meant to be humorous for the audience, which catches theaudience’s attention.In an article by Alex Silverman (2015) it states that people do not respond toproducts if the promotion is not interesting. In the article Rita Drucker, who is the Headof Marketing Partnerships and Branded Entertainment at Yahoo states that “‘People areperceptive to receiving commercial messaging when they’re being entertained…”(Silverman, 2015). This suggests that people need to be entertained in order to have areaction. The article also suggests that it is rare that a company will cross lines toentertain the audience but it pays off when a company does (Silverman, 2015). Athletesare always in the spotlight, especially in the media. In 1Timothy 4:12 it says, “Let no onedespise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, inlove, in faith, in purity (Evans, 2001). These athletes have to be examples since they arein the media and being viewed often., D. (2001). Bible Verses For Athletes: 20 MotivationalScriptures. Retrieved from What Christians Want To Know:, A. (2015). Marketers Discuss Best Practices For DevelopingCompelling Customer Content. SportsBusiness Journal.



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