that is programmed to do precision cutting of a circular brass disc

Exam 3 Module 3 due Nov. 14th, 2015 at 5PM LeBron and Kyrie Company has a computer controlled machine that is programmed to do precision cutting of a circular brass disc with a mean diameter of 6.125 inches. The shop foreman takes a random sample of 8 discs from the production line. The diameters are as follows:6.1156.1276.1296.1136.1246.1216.1316.124The foremen, Jonathan Johnson and Kevin Parks, suspect that the machine is out of adjustment. Use the hypothesis testing procedure to determine if the programmer needs to make adjustments. Select 0.01 significance level.Step 1: State the null and alternative hypothesis: Question:Based on step one is this one or two-tail test of hypothesis?How do you know? Be specific; do not write more than 5 words for this sub-question.Step 2: Select the level of significance; (easy… can miss this question) You select α =Question: What does the value of α mean?Step 3: Select the test statistic:Question:Why did you select that distribution? Please do not write more than 3 words.Step 4: Develop the decision rule:Hint: the decision rule is a statement of the conditions under which the null hypothesis is rejected. State it as it is in the power point. Do no write a paragraph here! Make sure you tell me from this step what is the critical value. The critical values are given in appendix (Table). Find the number of degrees of freedom. Use your answer step 1 (one or two-tailed test), to find the portion of the table labeled (one or two-tailed). Locate the column for the 0.01 significance level. Read down the column until it intersects the row with your calculated degrees of freedom.Step 5: Make a decision regarding the null hypothesis, and interpret the results:Write down the formula you use here:Here, calculate the mean and standard deviation of the sample.What is your final decision? Do you reject or not reject the null hypothesis? Why?What is your final decision? Do you reject or not reject the null hypothesis? Why?Problem 2: Draw and label the graph that show (1) the rejection region and (2) the area of acceptance of H0.



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