TCO 3) A transformer has turns ratio of 5:2. The primary current

1.(TCO 3) A transformer has turns ratio of 5:2. The primary current is 3 A when the secondary voltage is 20 V AC. What is the minimum VA rating for this transformer to work correctly? (Points : 7) 24 VA 60 VA 150 VA 3 VAQuestion 2.2.(TCO 3) For the bridge rectifier circuit below, calculate the VP(sec) if R = 1.5 kW and Vpri(rms)= 110 VAC and the transformer turns ratio is 3:1. (Points : 7) 120 V 32 V 51.85 V 50 VQuestion 3.3.(TCO 3) A diode carries 20 mA with a 2.0 V forward voltage drop. What is the power dissipation? (Points : 7) 4 W 40 mW 2 W 2 mWQuestion 4.4.(TCO 3) The circuit below is a (Points : 7) half wave rectifier. full wave rectifier with center tap transformer. bridge rectifier. None of the aboveQuestion 5.5.(TCO 3) The small AC variations found at the output of a bridge rectifier are called _____ voltage. (Points : 7) alternate ripple regulator directQuestion 6.6.(TCO 3) A resistive load of 2 kW is connected across the secondary windings of a 25:1 transformer. If the primary voltage is 50 V AC, what will be the secondary current? (Points : 7) 25 mA 2 mA 625 mA 1 mAQuestion 7.7.(TCO 3) The output of a certain rectifier circuit looks like the wave form below. This rectifier is a (Points : 7) half wave rectifier. full wave rectifier. bridge rectifier. None of the aboveQuestion 8.8.(TCO 3) For the single stage amplifier circuit below, calculate DC VCE. (Points : 7) 15 V 10.94 V 3.75 V 7.89 VQuestion 9.9.(TCO 3) Download the Multisim file and simulate the circuit. VC measures _____. (Choose closest value.)Multisim File (Points : 7) 7.5 V 5.5 V 3.46 V 8.54 VQuestion 10.10.(TCO 3) Download the Multisim file and simulate the circuit. VE measures _____. (Choose closest value.)Multisim File (Points : 7) 6.5 V 2.3 V 10 V 12 VQuestion 11.11.(TCO 3) A 3 V trigger voltage is applied to the gate of a SCR through a 560 ohm gate resistor. What is the trigger current? (Points : 7) 1 mA 4.1 mA 5.6 mA 10 mAQuestion 12.12.(TCO 3) What is the collector to emitter voltage if a BJT has a supply voltage of 10 V, a collector current of 1 mA, and emitter resistors of 1 k ohms each? (Points : 7) 10 V 8 V 2 V 1 VQuestion 13.13.(TCO 3) For a common source FET amplifier, gm= 1,600 ms and RD= 3.5 k. The voltage gain (AV) is _____. (Points : 7) 8.5 6 5.6 None of the aboveQuestion 14.14.(TCO 3) For the amplifier circuit below, calculate the output voltage (VOUT(PK)). Hint: Note the bypass capacitor across RE. (Points : 7) 1.38 V 18.5 V 200 mV 5.5 VQuestion 15.15.(TCO 3) Determine the voltage gain (AV) of this transistor amplifier. (Points : 7) 100 1.5 50 6.7Question 16.16.(TCO 3) Use Multisim to simulate the circuit below. VB measures _____. (Choose closest value.)Multisim File (Points : 7) 5 V 3 V 8.5 V 10 VQuestion 17.17.(TCO 3) At what point on the frequency response curve is the bandwidth measured? (Points : 7) At 3 dB above midband At 3 dB below midband At midband At 0 HzQuestion 18.18.(TCO 3) What is the CMRR of an inverting op amp amplifier with a feedback resistance of 200 k ohms and an input resistance of 20 k ohms and a common mode gain of 0.001? (Points : 7) 20 200 10,000 20,000Question 19.19.(TCO 3) A signal connected to which of the following op amp inputs will experience a 180 degree phase shift at the output? (Points : 7) Inverting Noninverting Differential OffsetQuestion 20.20.(TCO 3) Which is a typical value for an op amp’s open loop voltage gain? (Points : 7) 1 10 100 100,000Question 21.21.(TCO 3) Once the upper critical frequency is reached, increases in frequency result in _____ in gain. (Points : 7) decreases increases no change unknown changesQuestion 22.22.(TCO 3) A positive or negative voltage that appears at the output of an op amp when no signal is applied to the input is called _____ voltage. (Points : 7) output offset bias CMRR slewQuestion 23.23.(TCO 3) The following amplifier can be used as a(n) _____. (Points : 7) integrator differentiator summing comparatorQuestion 24.24.(TCO 3) A summing amplifier can have _____. (Points : 7) only one input only two inputs any number of inputs a number of inputs equal to a multiple of 2Question 25.25.(TCO 3) Identify amp. (Points : 7) Integrator Noninverting Summing InvertingTime Remaining:



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