Statistics- SOC 332 Week 7 DQ This week’s main Forum requires

SOC 332 Week 7 DQThis week’s main Forum requires you to answer the question completely andcorrectly to receive full credit.The t test is limited when it comes to social research and best used when you have twogroups (men and women) to compare. But what if you have many groups, such aspeople of varying religious backgrounds or beliefs, or even people with differenteducational backgrounds? We would want to compare, not only the relationshipbetween variables, but also the relationships between the groups (Catholics and Jews,Buddhists and Methodists, Jews and Buddhists, Methodists and Catholics, etc.). Oneadvantage of the ANOVA is that it examines the means, as well as the variances, of thesubgroups and eliminates "individual differences" as a source of variability.Last week you purposefully used GENDER as a variable to see a t test forunderstanding. This week you will need to choose a variable that has multiplesubgroups to use for the ANOVA test of significance. Some examples are religiousbackgrounds, level of education, SEI, etc. (If you have questions about this, reach outto me ASAP for clarification). See how these variables are related to your variable…Here are the steps for SPSS:1. Select Analyze2. Compare Means3. One-Way ANOVA4. Set your variables- your dependent variable goes into the ‘Dependent List’ box andyour Independent Variable goes into the ‘Factor’ box.5. Click Options and select ‘Descriptive’ and ‘Continue’6. Click ‘OK’Reading your output:Use the steps for hypothesis testing to determine if the relationship between yourvariables is statistically significant.1.Restate the question as a research hypothesis and a null hypothesis about thepopulation.2.Set your significance level at .053.Determine the significance level of the sample’s ANOVA, which "Sig." identifiesexactly.4.Adhere the following rule: if Sig. is less than the cutoff score (.05) than you rejectthe null hypothesis and your research hypothesis is supported.5.Decide whether to reject the null hypothesis and explain your answers.Visit the following site, One Way ANOVA in SPSS, for more details which include anexample and step-by-step instructions. (Step 4 and 5 are optional; You will not have torun the Tukey test).



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