Some students feel distressed only in test situation

1.high-income employeesa.womenb.well-educated individualsc.All of the above.d.Stress that has a beneficial effect on us is called:2.hyperstressa.hypostressb.distressc.eustressd.Monotonous jobs typically inspire:3.eustressa.hyperstressb.hypostressc.distressd.The life-events approach to conceptualizing stress:4.considers the total impact of various life changes, such as beginning college or getting a. marriedtakes into account how individuals perceive a given changeb.includes the stress that comes from chronic conditions, such as a boring jobc.includes the stress caused by everyday incidents, such as losing your keysd.Which events do college students find particularly stressful, according to research?5.the transition from high school to collegea.full-time work while attending collegeb.more autonomy over lifestylesc.All of the above.d.Some students feel distressed only in test situations. They might be said to suffer from:6.acute stressa.hyperstressb.eustressc.hypostressd. Unit 4 Examination 183 GED 215 Psychology of AdjustmentWhich term does NOT describe the Type A personality?7.competitive and sometimes hostilea.holds rigorous standardsb.distressed and time urgentc.forgiving and relaxedd.Which is NOT used when defining psychological disorders?8.personal distressa.maladaptive behaviorb.increased freedom or personal controlc.increased risk of suffering disability, pain, or deathd.According to the text, stigmas about mental disorders:9.are really a legal matter for lawyers and politiciansa.are related primarily to disrespectb.seem to concern psychologists but not psychiatristsc.can be defined as the number of new cases per yeard.Women are ________ more likely than men to develop depression in their lifetime.10.70%a.75%b.85%c.95%d.Sets of symptoms more common in some societies are called:11.culture-bound syndromesa.culture-clash syndromesb.secular syndromesc.societal syndromesd.Women are more likely to suffer from ________, while men are more likely to suffer from 12. ________.alcohol abuse; depressiona.anxiety; phobiab.depression; drug abusec.phobias; depressiond. Unit 4 Examination 184 GED 215 Psychology of AdjustmentThroughout the DSM-IV, the emphasis is on:13.distinguishing between neuroses and psychosesa.identifying the causes of the various disordersb.classifying the behavior patterns and not peoplec.labeling people as either normal or abnormald.Which statement regarding psychotherapy is true?14.Men are more likely than women to seek professional treatment.a.It is less likely to be used by those with mild disturbances.b.About one in five adults with serious psychological problems will seek help from a mental c. health professional.Women are more likely to mask their problems with alcohol and drugs.d.Which is NOT one of the common goals of the different forms of therapy?15.relief from symptomsa.better understanding of thoughts and feelingsb.modifying problem behaviorsc.All of these are goals of therapy.d.Which of the following is considered an insight therapy?16.psychoanalysisa.behavioral therapyb.desensitizationc.biomedical therapiesd.In the psychoanalytic approach, the unconscious tendency of clients to project onto the 17. therapist their feelings and fantasies about significant others in their childhood is is the most likely to utilize the technique of free association.18.person-centered therapya.behavioral therapyb.psychoanalysisc.all use free associationd. Unit 4 Examination 185 GED 215 Psychology of AdjustmentTraditionally, psychoanalysis involved ________ sessions _______ times a week, often lasting 19. several years.half-hour, one to twoa.half-hour, three to, one to, three to fived.According to the text, what percentage of people frequently think about their own death?20.25a.30b.35c.40d.Kidney disease accounts for _________ number of deaths each year.21.562,875a.127,924b.46,448c.22,000d.What is the leading cause of death in the U.S.?22.heart diseasea.kidney diseaseb.violencec.accidentsd.People in which age group tend to be most fearful of death?23.teenagersa.late 20sb.early 50sc.elderlyd.Mary is less fearful of death than many older people her age. According to the text, a major 24. reason for Mary’s diminished fear of death probably is her:having cared for a terminally ill frienda.genuine belief in the afterlifeb.feeling that “it can’t happen to me”c.having a college educationd. Unit 4 Examination 186 GED 215 Psychology of AdjustmentWhich of the following is NOT typical of near-death experiences?25.



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