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Social Media Influence on socialization

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Social Media Influence on socialization

Social media has both positive and negative influence on socialization. Therefore, I am evenly split on this issue.

Positive Social Media Influence on Socialization

Social networks have improved the way people interact with others. It has enabled people to stay in touch with their friends, reconnect with their friends, share ideas, and make new friends. Moreover, social networking sites have made it possible for people to interact with diverse people all over the globe to interact. As a result, many ideas have being exchanged between countries. In addition, Twitter and Facebook platforms have been used as news platforms. It has enabled people to stay abreast with the local and worldwide developments. Consequently, LinkedIn has enabled professionals to get connected with other professionals, whom they can share career and business prospects. Also, the social media sites have made it possible for students all the world to share knowledge, which has led to improved academic performance. In addition, through social media interactions people have been able to learn different cultures as they chat with people around the globe.

Negative Social Media Influence on Socialization

On the other hand, social media has negatively affected the way people socialize. With the increase in the usage of the social media, people are turning away from physical interaction. For instance, a teenager would prefer to send his friend a tweet at the comfort of his seat as opposed to going to the friend’s place to have a chat. Moreover, social media has made people to have two personalities. For instance, a person can be boring during physical interaction, but be interesting on social media sites. In certain cases, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, give people courage to write socially unacceptable phrases, which they cannot utter during physical interactions.


In conclusion, social media has influenced socialization both negatively and positively. It has improved social interaction, enabled people to make new friends, boosted learning, and enabled people to share ideas and news. However, it has made people to shun face-to-face interactions.




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