Scholarly (Peer-reviewed) Journals for Security Management

Each student is required to submit a paper (minimum of 12 pages,notincluding title, reference, or other non-text pages, diagrams, etc.) using the following parameters: the student selects a topic from within the scope of this course, conducts a detailed analysis and presents the results. Note that abstracts and Table of Contents pages arenotdesired by the instructor.The papers must be of high quality and in APA format (several APA formatting sources are attached below). All information that is not original to the studentmustbe cited properly. A minimum of 5 sources must be used for each paper (No Wikipedia, or other type of non-credible references. Your essay will be automatically uploaded to and an originality report will be generated for you. No action is needed on your part. Please contact your instructor if you have questions about this process or your report.Papers must be submitted into Assignmentsas an attached Word documentfor grading. Note that allmaterials submitted into the classroom are considered submitted for grading unless clearly noted asdraft. Listing sources on a reference page does not constitute citation. Citation to sources is required whether or not the student uses direct quotes. Information that is summarized or paraphrased from research sources must be cited.Note that the papers will be graded in accordance with the Rubric and formatting materials posted in the Resources section of the classroom. Note that Wikepedia is not considered a valid source for reference. Citations to Wikepedia will not be considered as valid sources and will count against the overall grade of the paper. PLEASE review the materials on APA format that are posted in Resources. The “I don’t know APA” excuse will not fly, all the information needed to correctly format papers is in the classroom.At least one of your sources must be from a scholarly, peer reviewed, journal from the list below. These Journals are available in the Security Management portal into the APUS online library. Here is the link, scroll down until you come to the “Peer Reviewed” section: (Peer-reviewed) Journals for Security ManagementJournals that are written for a specialized audience often using technical jargon, in which submissions are reviewed and selected for publication by panels of experts in the field.Corporate SecurityDisaster Prevention and ManagementInternational Journal of Mass Emergencies and DisastersInternational SecurityJournal of Applied Security ResearchThe Journal of Physical SecurityJournal of Security AdministrationJournal of Security EducationJournal of Security Sector ManagementSecurity Journal



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