Resources: The first resource provides you with some guidelines for reading any short story effectively. The first resource: Short Story Reading-3.pptx The second resource supplies you with information about all of the short stories included in the last literary unit of the semester; this information can guide your reading of them. The second resource: Short Stories (Reading Guides)-2.pptx The third resource furnishes you with information about MLA in-text citations, parenthetical references, and works cited entries as they relate to short stories. The third resource: Brief MLA Review (ENC 1102 Short Story Essay)-2.pptx The fourth resource presents information about standard quotation format: The fourth resource: Quotation Format-4.pptxDirections: Read “Hills like White Elephants,” by Ernest Hemingway, on pages 122-126. If you need an electronic copy of this story, click here(Links to an external site.). Read pages 164-171 for information about the element of fiction known as setting. Answer the three response items in the next section. Include at least one quotation from the short story for support of a claim, include an MLA in-text citation or parenthetical reference in any sentence with a quotation, and include an MLA works cited entry for the source from which you took the quotation (the textbook or a PDF, for example). Type your answers, and then save them as a Word document. When you are ready to submit the activity, click the blue “Submit Assignment” tab in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Next, click “Choose File” to select the file to submit, and then, click the blue “Submit Assignment” tab below the comment section. Include a comment only if one is needed.Response Items: Examine the contents of paragraphs 1 and 70 for information about the story’s spatial setting. Using complete sentences, describe the spatial setting based on the contents of these paragraphs. Using complete sentences, explain the connection between the spatial setting and the two choices with which the couple is confronted regarding the unplanned pregnancy. Using complete sentences, identify the temporal setting of the story. Since the temporal setting relates to when the actions within the story occur, look for clues within the story that reveal such information. Even a story’s year of publication is a type of temporal setting.Rubric: Review the attached rubric for information about the grading of this activity.A Concluding Thought: In “Hills like White Elephants,” the narrator of the story reveals how a couple addresses the subject of an unplanned pregnancy in 1927. If you wish to read about a similar subject, but with a younger couple in contemporary times (2007), then read “Good People,” by David Foster Wallace, on pages 156-162. You can probably locate a copy online.


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