Researcher states that there is relationship between obesity

Ye Myint 1Ye MyintEssay #2ESOL 400 Professor Shaw11/04/2015Obesity in the USResearcher states that there is relationship between obesity and foodconsumption. Obesity is the condition of excess body fat and it can get diabetes, heartdisease, high blood pressure and also fatal. People in the US getting obese because ofthe lack of education about healthy food and the abundance of fast food restaurant.One of the factors of the obesity is lack of education. For example, I do not haveany knowledge about food before I read Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. And Ialso do not know how to watch nutrition facts as well. I think that most of the childrenand teenager like us are obese because we do not have any knowledge about the food.Children cannot read nutrition fact, they cannot discuss which food is healthy or not.That is why obesity in children is getting higher every year. It increased from 5.8% into17.3% between 1971-2006. “Three of every Americans are overweight; one of every fiveis obese” (Pollan 76). At least we need to know how many calories we are eatingeveryday. To eliminate the obesity, we need to teach children how to eat healthy, howmany calories we need for a day, how to watch nutrition facts and enforce them awayfrom fast food. The reason that I want to focus on children because they are newgenerations. If they have knowledge about healthy food, they will share their knowledgeabout healthy food to their next generations. So, the education is the best way to fightobesity.Another factor of the obesity is supersizing. Supersizing happened because ofcorn. Most of the integrents are replaced by corn because corn is cheap. For example,sugar is replaced by HFCO which is included in soda drink. And the company do notwant to reduce the price so that they supersize the drinks and keep selling with theoriginal price. “Wallerstein discovered that people would buy more popcorn or soda -alot more- as long as they came in single giant serving” (Pollan 81). Almost all of thediary food, meat and soft drinks are produced by corn. “When food is abundant andcheap, people will eat more of it” (Pollan 77). If we eat more, we will get more calories.So, we have more chance to obese. This is the another reason that fast foodrestaurants caused us obese.Fast food restaurants are getting larger in the United States. People choose fastfood because they are cheap and easier to find. “While driving down any main street inany city you are more prone to run into at least one of this country’s 13,000 McDonaldsrestaurants, than you are finding a healthy option eatery on those same blocks”(Zinczenko 392). Also, fast food restaurants make us a habit of eating extra calories byselling supersize products. “Fast-food advertising encourages us to eat supersizedmeals” (Pollan 77). I always eat breakfast at McDonalds because it is near my homeand cheap as well. For instance, I always buy big size of soda because it is just 50cents difference and I think almost every people will not buy 2 small size of soda insteadof giant one. I can predict that there will be increased in the rate of obesity if the peopleare eating fast food as theirmain dish. Now, fast food restaurants make us lazy because of their convenient anddelivery.People are getting lazy and lacking exercise because technology makes usconvenient. “We sit all day at desks in school or at work, then sit around all nightwatching television. We play video games instead of sports” ( Pollan 77). Nowaday, it ismore easier to order food from online. You can get the food without going out of yourhome. There is a GrubHub company which delivers food to your home. So, you canorder from your favourite restaurant without going out of your home. If we do notexercise, we cannot burn the calories what we eat. To get rid of obesity, “spend sometime outside, get out and enjoy nature and all of the outside activities available whereyou live” (Anonymous 01). So, we must go out and walk at least an hour a day to burnour calories. It will reduce our fat and the obesity rate.People in the US are obese because of lack of education which make us wrongdecision in choosing food. Fast food company are selling supersized meals with cheapprice. Also, technology makes us lazy and lack of exercise. For these reasons, obesityin the US is getting higher and higher every year.Works CitedAnonymous. “Obesity in America”. November, 2015Pollan, Michael. “Omnivore’s Dilemma”.04 November, 2015Zinczenko, David. “Don’t Blame the Eater.” They Say, I Say. Ed. Graff, Birkenstein,, andDurst. New York: W.W. Norton and Company, 2012, Ch.16.04 November, 2015



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