Public University Tuition Data file “tuition.txt” shows the undergraduate tuition

Public University Tuition Data file “tuition.txt” shows the undergraduate tuition and required fees (indollars) in 33 public universities in 2000 and 2008.(1)Plot the data with the 2000 tuition on the x-axis and 2008 tuition on the y-axis. ?Describe therelationship. Are there any outliers or unusual values? Does a linear relationship between the tuition in2000 and 2008 seem reasonable?(2)Run the simple linear regression in R and write down the estimated least-squares ?(LS) regression line.What are the LS intercept b0 and its standard error? What are the LS slope b1 and its standard error?(3)Obtain the residuals and plot them versus the 2000 tuition amount. Is there ?anything unusual in theplot? [Alternatively, you can plot residuals against fitted 2008 tuition amount](4)Do the residuals appear to be approximately Normal? Explain.(5)Give the null and alternative hypothesis for examining the relationship between ?2000 and 2008tuition amounts. Write down the test statistic and P-value for the hypothesis stated in (5). At 0.05significance level, state your conclusion.(6)Construct a 95% confidence interval for the slope ?this interval tell you??1 of the population regression line. What does(7)What percent of the variability in 2008 tuition is explained by a linear regression ?model using the2000 tuition? What is the estimated correlation coefficient of the 2000 and the 2008 tuition?(8)The tuition at BusStat U was $5800 in 2000. What is its predicted tuition in 2008? Find the 95%prediction interval for its tuition amount in 2008.(9)The tuition at Moneypit U was $8700 in 2000. What is its predicted tuition in 2008? Discuss theappropriateness of using the fitted equation to predict tuition for BusStat U and for Moneypit U.(10)Find the 95% confidence interval for the mean tuition amount for a public university with 2000tuition amount of $5800? Compare (10) and (8), which is wider? Why?



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