Public Health Response to Natural Disaster Analysis AssignmentCompleted with Real World Clinical Experience #4-The U.S. and Global Response to Natural Disasters and Infectious DiseaseIndividual assignmentInstructions:Analyze the public health response of the U.S. or a developing country in regard to a natural disaster. For example, analyze the response to a recent disaster such as a specific hurricane, major flood, tornado, wildfire, or earthquake.1. Identify the type of disaster and where/when it occurred.2. Look for media reports, formal reports from agencies such as WHO or the CDC or city/county/state governments, or other websites that discuss the chosen disaster and can provide a glimpse into the PH response to the disaster.a. Consider and discuss the effectiveness of the PH responseb. Identify barriers and facilitators associated with the PH response c. Identify lessons learned from the PH response. 3. Create an 8-10 minute narrated PowerPoint/slideshow (10-12 slides) that:a. Describes and depicts the disaster. b. Identifies and describes barriers and mitigators affecting the ability of the PH community to respond effectively. c. Identifies and discusses at least two lessons learned by the PH community that can be carried forward to future responses. *(Please follow the Digital Media tutorial instructions for creating and uploading your assignment)4. Once your presentation is completed, do the following to submit your assignment: 


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