PSYC101 Worksheet Total Points possible

PSYC101 WorksheetTotal Points possible: 90Place your first and last name, student ID and the date of your worksheet completion in the spacesbelow.Student Name:Student ID:Date: 09/13/2015This worksheet is due by 11:55pm ET Sunday at the end of Week 6 of the course termYou may work on it ahead of its deadline but may not submit it prior to its assigned week.OVERVIEW:This worksheet requires unpacking the key elements of a published scholarly journal article anddemonstrating APA source citation skills, activities you will engage in frequently in the completion of avariety of assignments including essays, research papers and literature reviews in future courses.To complete the worksheet, download and save a copy of it with your first and last name in thedocument title, answer the questions and attach your completed copy.Quoting is not permitted. All answers must be written as paraphrases, meaning that you must restatewhat you read in your own words, with the exception of technical terms such as the names of diagnostictests. You are not required to source credit the article in your answers to the Section I “Key ArticleComponents” questions. Section II, “Source citing and reference listing in APA format” is where you willdemonstrate knowledge of how to correctly format source crediting in APA style.Answers will be graded for accuracy, thoroughness, clarity and correct spelling and grammar.No content of this document may be removed or reordered. Answers must be inserted in the spacesprovided.==================================================================================SECTION I:KEY ARTICLE COMPONENTSPoints possible: 70 (10 points per item)1. Previous research and authors’ rationales for conducting their study100 word minimumAfter reading the article’s first five paragraphs, in the space below answer these two questions: Whatprevious research has been conducted on the article authors’ same or similar topics? What were theirexplanations for why their study was needed?2. Research method used50 word minimumIn the space below, describe the type of research method that the article authors used in conductingtheir study and explain why it was well suited for an investigation of their topic (Ex: individual or groupinterview, case study, laboratory controlled or naturalistic observation; administration of psychologicaltests). Refer back to the course textbook chapter on research methods for a review of method types andtheir purposes.3. Participants involved in the study100 word length minimumIn the space below, describe in narrative form (lists and sentence fragments cannot be used) thecharacteristics of the participants involved in the research study conducted by the article authors. Whatwas the number of persons who participated; where were they recruited from; what were theparticipant demographics; were any participant screening procedures conducted; what criteria wereused to determine who participated in the study and who didn’t; were participants paid or did theyreceive any other type of compensation for being involved in the study; etc.Note: Some of the above information is provided in the article’s “Measures” section, so you will want touse both it and the “Participants and Procedures” sections to answer these questions.4. Measures usedIn the space below, list the measures used in the article authors’ study.5. Data analysesIn the space below, list the data analyses used to analyze the data gathered during the article authors’study. Note: You don’t have to know how the analyses are conducted; only naming them is requiredhere.6. Study resultsIn the space below summarize the results of the study conducted by the article authors.7. DiscussionIn the space below, summarize the conclusions reached by the authors in the final seven paragraphs oftheir article. What were their interpretations of the study results? What limitations of their study andneeded future research did they note?SECTION IISOURCE CITING AND REFERENCE LISTING IN APA FORMATPoints Possible: 20 (10 points per item)Tip: If needed, examples of how to source credit in APA formatting style can be found in the OnlineWriting Lab, located at authors of the article are: Weili Lu, Philip T. Yanos, Steven M. Silverstein, Kim T. Mueser, Stanley D.Rosenberg, Jennifer D. Gottlieb, Stephanie Marcello Duva, Thanuja Kularatne, Stephanie Dove-Williams,Danielle Paterno, Danielle Hawthorne, and Giovanna Giacobbe.The article’s title is: Public Mental Health Clients with Severe Mental Illness and Probable PosttraumaticStress Disorder: Trauma Exposure and Correlates of Symptom SeverityThe article was published in Volume 26, on pages 266-273, of the scholarly journal: Journal ofTraumatic StressThe article’s year date of publication was: 20131. Giving credit to published authors with in-text source citingWhich specific parts of the information above would you use for APA format source citing of the articlein-text (meaning a citation that occurs within the body of one’s writing)?After answering the above question, show in the space below how you would format an in-text citationof the article to be in compliance with APA formatting rules.2. Giving credit to published authors with a Reference listingWhich parts of the information provided would you use for listing the article in an APA format referencelist (a list attached to the end of one’s writing, under the heading “References” that shows one or morepublications used)?After answering the above question, show in the space below, under the heading References, how youwould reference list the information in compliance with APA style rules as a reference (an article listingthat would be attached to the end of one’s writing if one were using the article .References



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