Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Moral Turpitude of Cheating. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. A person changing jobs more frequently is associated with instability of career objective and is likely to cheat. In legal terms, the United States legal system defines moral turpitude to embrace conducts classified as inconsistent with societal predetermined standards of natural justice or morals. Irrespective of whether the morality preservation does not concern legal process, or immoral conducts contribute to illegality, and are thus punishable, the debatable issue remains in determination of what is considered moral or immoral. In the recognition of the definition of moral turpitude, the legal system isolates the word turpitude to include behaviors or conducts that contradicts laws of natural justice, good morals or honesty. On the other hand, the preceding word ‘moral’ is often used to lay emphasis to the meaning and implication of the term rather than contributing to the natural meaning of it. Societal consideration of conducts as qualifying as moral turpitude bears relevance in various legal aspects. At preceding stages, before conviction of a related crime to moral turpitude, a lot of emphasis is placed on the witness’s honesty and thus used as a basis for charging the accused, also used as an accredited basis for revocation or withdrawal of a professional practicing license and bears great significance for societal laws and regulations that concern immigration. In determination of the moral turpitude, there exists a general framework for classification of conducts or crimes as moral turpitude. As such the crimes considered moral turpitude include fraud when obtaining something of value, voluntary manslaughter, murder, prostitute solicitation, sale of illegal drugs consistent failure to file tax returns on annual basis, issuing of bad checks and false accusation and falsely reporting crimes. Davis (2000) also includes being drunk in public, vehicle driving under the influence of alcohol, fighting, simple assault among other minor common societal crimes as not constituting moral turpitude crimes that are punishable by law. (Davis, 2000) Society implies a plural of society that comprises various converging elements of moralities. In such an explanation, other scholars argue that the good existence of a community does not tolerate immoral actions as such which are detrimental to the existence of the community moral structures (Holmes, 2003). Within academic spheres, cheating is gaining prominence in learning institutions with essays and assignments written on behalf of students by commercial service institutions and plagiarism widely associated with student assignments. Consequently, academic instructors and tutors are tirelessly involved in modeling tests and evaluation methodologies in an effort to adjust the degree of passing grades. Some schools have also changed their individual student scores to brighten the performance profile of the school. It is thus evident that comparing the current occurrences in the educational environment with the past educational practices becomes quite difficult to achieve, and as such, the prevalence of cheating in the current educational system is more pronounced than the past regime owing to a variety of self-fulfilling personal convictions and societal educational trends.


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