Provide a 3 pages analysis while answering the following question: Electrical engineering. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This was not difficult as I was in love with and excelled in mathematics and physics. I was not very strong in the arts so I opted to major mostly in technical fields. After I graduated from high school, I secured a place in college where I was advised that if I hope to become an electrical engineer, I should minor in chemistry or a management subject. I am hoping to graduate in with a GPA high enough to get me into any of the many great universities in the United States. preferably, I would like to go to MIT or Stanford. As such, I am working diligently as I cannot afford a dismal GPA since this would make it impossible for me to get into my field of choice, which is electrical engineering, and I would be forced to settle for something less important. Therefore, in order to improve my chances, I intend to spend as much time as possible with my professors through participating research, as a student it will be very useful and invaluable later as I work on my final year project. Through research work I will be able to make contacts and connections and these will come in handy when I become a professional in the field since I will need as much advice and guidance as I can get. I hope that after graduating at somewhere close to the top of the class, I would then join the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers so I can increase my options and enhance my credibility as an engineer. As an engineer I am aware that I will be in one of the most highly paid careers, today electrical engineers are ranked among the highest paid engineers with an entrance at graduate level making around $50,000 per month. My job description at this point will mostly involve working with installing and manipulating electrical systems, I am going to require skills in computing and communication, which will help me to be more effective both as a technician and as a manager. After this, I will not stop my education, as soon as I am employed I will begin to save or/and organize with my employers for study time if possible, these will assist me to fund and create time for my MS programs. For this, I will need to specialize in one specific field where I intend to major in electronic devices censors, technology and signal processing. Bearing in mind that an MS is an advanced degree in the field will require a considerable amount of coursework. the minimum requirements include at least 30 units of technical areas such as mathematics. I may undertake more than one master’s degree, at this point, I should be mid-level in my career, and making around $80, 000 per month, I will then start my PHD in electrical engineering. This is because I aspire at some point in the future to teach, and as PHD holder it will be easy for me to acquire a teaching position besides ,I have always loved to immerse myself in research. This is a big part of the process of getting a PHD, as a professor I will be able to impart my expertise to students, and inspire them so they may competent engineers in the future. Besides, I can have more time to research and use my skills in developing my knowledge and the field of engineering as a whole so that all my education I have accumulated be fully exploited and progressively regenerated. Apart from teaching, I will still practice engineering but as a consultant, so that I may I will be doing it to keep in touch with the real world so to retain objectivity in my research and teaching.


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