Provide a 3 pages analysis while answering the following question: Dispute Resolution Process Paper. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Presently, the dispute resolution process in my organization is largely guided by the conditions as mentioned in the appointment letters or contracts as devised and executed by the company’s top brass managers. The process is modeled in a top down fashion, where in the case of a dispute issues are resolved professionally on the basis of the hierarchic positions of the disputing individuals. Such a dispute resolution paradigm can, thus, be identified as a human resource management based organized process guided in the conventional lines of conflict management. In a more complicated conflict situation, the company prefers to act along the “Dunlopian integrated system” (Colvin 2012, p. 459) of dispute resolution. Suggestible Alternative Dispute Resolution Approaches Alternative dispute resolution processes that can be suggested in this context involve essentially individualized considerations and concepts. As a whole, the current dispute resolution system of my organization is based on older concepts of industrial relations. But in the 21st century, individualized labor management appears to be more practical and potentially productive. At the first place, information and communication technology (ICT) has revolutionized present day workplace. Now there is a lot more scope of one to one interactions between peers. Also, superiors can interact with their subordinates on an individual basis with the help of techniques like social networking, online chatting, etc. Brett et al (2007) have explained the importance and inevitability of the utilization of ICT methods for resolving disputes and facilitating the dialogue in case there is a conflict. Further in my personal opinion, I believe that a policy of talking to the other party first can settle disputes before they surface. According to Colvin (2012), the new labor management conception in the USA is a lot more individualized. As such, emotional quotient and soft skills too can be highly fruitful and can help us before disputes reach serious dimensions. In the case of a conflict, if everyone is groomed to be good listeners beforehand, then we, the employees, can start a dialogue process on our own without an actual intervention of the higher management. Recommended Areas of Improvement There are two main recommended areas of improvement. Firstly, I think that my organization should now implement available ICT techniques more seriously with the specific consideration to the issues as related to the greater dispute resolution paradigm. For example, if the higher managers give at least a weekly feedback to their subordinates in a regular and periodic manner, then the subordinate staff can have a better understanding of both the good and bad things they do. And to facilitate such a kind of ICT powered individualized process of a periodic communication. we can induct ideas from the work of the scholars like Brett et al (2007). Secondly, the higher management should now consider arranging training sessions for the staff. All the staff must be given classroom lessons in soft skills at least once in a fortnight. In the view of the new labor management paradigm that gives an excessive importance to one to contact and dialogue, an increasing emotional quotient is critical and special soft skills training for all the staff of different departments can be rewarding. Another important aspect of necessary dispute resolution techniques might involve contract management set along strictly legal lines. My organization has set up contractual agreements with several workers. So, particularly in case of employment conflicts and confusions, the actual contract documents can be referred to.


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