Politician in a Leather Suit and the Paradox of

Case Analysis: Politician in aLeather Suit and the Paradox ofJapanese CapitalismStudent NameCourse Name:      Assignment Number:      Word Count:      Submission Date:      Academic Coach:      Assignment Evaluation Grid *DO NOT DELETECriteriaCommentWeightCompletenessContains an introduction, body andconclusion. Includes verbal signpoststo transition from section to section.Reflects all requirements.10UnderstandingDemonstrates and applies a clearunderstanding of concepts and theory.20Integration ofcourse conceptsto dateIntegrates theoretical and practicalprinciples learned in the course.20Recommendationsand analysisRecommendations are appropriate,based on well-reasoned analysis andsupported by research.30Writing, grammarand referencesWriting is clear and logical. ProperAPA style is used.20This assignment counts for 40% ofyour overall grade100MarkCase Analysis: Politician in a Leather Suit and theParadox of Japanese CapitalismIntroductionIntroduce the topic in one or two paragraphs. Include verbal signposts that lay out theformat of the document, e.g. "This analysis provides an overview of … First, I describe…The second section covers… Next, I outline… I conclude with…"Situation AuditBriefly describe the current situation. If it makes sense to do so, consider using astrategic tool, like a SWOT, PEST, stakeholder analysis, etc. to organize your thoughts.Plan to allocate about 15% of your document on this section.Make sure you answer the following questions here:a) Compare and contrast Japanese capitalism with North American capitalism (see textChapter 2), paying attention to how these support or don’t support CSR principles.Which, if any, of the “distortions” can be directly inked to Japanese culture?Can any of the "distortions" be attributed to ethical relativism?Problem or Issue IdentificationThis section should take up about 20% of your document. You may want to list majorproblems and challenges, and their symptoms; weaknesses or barriers; secondaryissues or decisions; opportunities that can be leveraged. Refer back to your SituationAudit.d) On balance, are Japanese businesses more or less socially responsible thanCanadian firms? Support your answer with examples and research where possible.Alternatives and EvaluationWhat are the best options? These should explicitly address the issues you identifiedearlier. This should comprise 25% of your document. You may want to address pros andcons for each option, and discuss what extant research says about each.Address this requirement in this section: b) Given the economic problems Japanexperienced, what are some potential alternatives that would prevent similar CSRbreaches from happening again?<Student Name>2RecommendationsChoose an option from your Alternatives and Evaluation section. Your recommendationsshould be based on that option. Support your choice of a solution with research. Thisshould take up approximately 20% of your document.Make sure you address the following question in this section: c) Which alternative(s) doyou think would be most effective, and why?Implementation PlanIn this section (~15% of your paper), you may discuss resources/changes needed toimplement the solution; assumptions; specific actions; who will be responsible; time toimplement; estimated costs if appropriate. What barriers impede implementation?Tip: You may find it easiest to develop the implementation plan in the form of a table.You can list any assumptions under the table.ConclusionIn 2-3 paragraphs, summarize the bottom line of the case and its lessons learned.Briefly describe limitations of your analysis. Remember, the conclusion is not the placeto introduce new information. It should be insightful, not simply repetitive.ReferencesSupport your analysis and recommendations not only with our readings to date, but alsowith eight to ten articles from academic journals such as those mentioned in theSuggested Academic References section of the Study Guide.Wherever possible, avoid using magazines, newspapers, books in the popular press,on-line blogs, and web aggregation sites. Have your APA Style guide handy! If youreference websites, make sure you are using the proper APA format for doing so.Appendices<Student Name>3



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