P6-16 AnimPix, Inc. is a small company that creates computer-generated animation for films and

P6-16 AnimPix, Inc. is a small company that creates computer-generated animation for
films and television. Much of the company’s work consists of short commercials
for television, but the company The young founders of the company have become
increasingly concerned with the economics of the business-particularly because
many competitors have sprung up recently in the local area.
To help understand the company’s cost-structure, an activity-based costing
system has been designed.
Three major activities carried out in the company; animation concept, animation
production, and contract administration. The animation concept activity is
carried out at the contract proposal stage when the company bids on projects.
This is an intensive activity that involves individuals from all parts of the
company bids on the projects. This is an intensive activity that involves
individuals from all parts of the company in creating storyboards and prototype
stills to be shown to the prospective client. After the client
has accepted a project, the animation goes into production and contract
administration begins.
Technical staff do almost all the work involved in animation production,
whereas the administrative staff is largely responsible for contract
administration. The activity cost pools and their activity measure and rates
are listed below:
Activity Cost Pool Activity
Measure Activity Rate
Animation concept………………… Number of proposals $
6, 000 per proposal
Animation production……………. Minutes of animation $ 7, 700 per minute of animation
Contract administration………… Number of contracts $ 6, 600 per contract

These activity rates include all of the costs of the company, except for the
costs of idle capacity and re-organization-sustaining costs. There are no
direct labor or indirect materials costs.
Preliminary analysis using these activity rates has indicated that the local
commercials segment of the market maybe unprofitable. This segment is higly

Producers of local commercials may ask several companies like Anim Pix to bid
which results in an unusually low ratio of accepted contracts to bids.
Furthermore, the animation sequences tend to be much shorter for local
commercials than for other work. Because animation work is billed at standard
rates according to the running time of the completed animation, the revenues
from these short projects tend to be below average. Data concerning activity in
the local commercials market appear below:
Activity Measure
Number of proposals ……………………..20
Minutes of animation …………………….12
Number of contracts ………………………8
The total sales for local commercials amounted to $240,000.
1. Determined the cost of serving the local commercial market.
2. Prepare a report showing the margin earned serving the local commercial
(Remember, this company has no direct materials or direct labor costs.)
3. What would you recommend to management concerning the local commercial market?



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