Online Discussion: Read article blog & Reply to the 2 students on their posts

Online Discussion: Read article blog & Reply to the 2 students on their posts, by agree or disagree and why?Use the Blog link, below, to read the following Harvard Business Review interview of Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, regarding his leadership principles and vision for the turnaround strategy of Starbucks. What leadership principles did Schultz display in applying his personal beliefs and values in transforming the organizational culture at Starbucks? What are Schultz’s views regarding the championing of innovative practices within an organization? Do you share in his leadership philosophy? Why or why not? Read This Blog**********************************************************************************************************************Student #1: KEVINThe leadership principle that came out the most for me was his vulnerability. Howard Schultz came across as contrite and took responsibility for the leadership of the company. He did not point the finger at anyone else for the company finding itself losing business in a time of economic hardship for a lot of people.His contriteness contradicts what I have experience in my place of employment. There the managers take credit when things go well and point the finger when something goes wrong. No one there would ever do what Howard Schultz did in his interview.I do share Howard Schultz leadership philosophy. Another characteristic is his competency and belief in his core values. Those beliefs I believe helped guide him through the financial crisis and helped bring Starbucks back to a place of prominence among premium coffee brands.ReferenceIgnatius, A. (2010). The HBR Interview: “We Had to Own the Mistakes”. Retrieved from Harvard Business Review: 2: BradleyIn this interview Schultz did a lot of things correct in leadership and the interview covered a lot of area. During this interview Schultz showed how he responds to crisis, accepts responsibility, and earns employees trust. Schultz responds to crisis management by how he handled the social media crisis and rapid decline of Starbuck’s name brand by attacking rumors head on and ensuring that they take control of their message and not allowing others to define it. Also, Schultz accepted responsibility for where the company was as opposed to blaming the previous leadership. Finally, Schultz chose to keep the health care for part time employees and reinvest in training as a sign of his trust in them. All of these actions indicate that Schultz is a good leader that knows how to get the best out of the people who work for his company



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