Need help with my writing homework on Young People Television News and Citizenship. Write a 250 word paper answering; Young People, Television News and Citizenship Literature Review: Dover (2007) conducted a research to evaluate the importance of involvement of teenagers into the pop culture and media in context of the daily routine as it follows in a multi-ethnic secondary school. He made an attempt to study the formulation and development of identities of young informants. He argued that it is possible to investigate the pop culture and media’s significance in the society if an ethnographic research model is employed in the research which is linked with the daily social processes and interaction of the personnel included in the study. Dover (2007) suggested a couple of very useful research methods to study the symbolic- and use-value of pop culture and media with respect to various teen consumers. The research model goes far beyond the link between text and consumer. In his research, Harindranath (2006) constructed a theoretical framework in order to study the media audiences with respect to their involvement in the deliberative democracy. The researcher argued that in order to start the democratic dialogue and exchange of views regarding the public spheres, it is imperative that the concepts of “mediated knowledge and representation and inequality of access to symbolic resources and cultural capital” (Harindranath, 2006) are explored. Buckingham (2002) refers to past research to identify the difficulties encountered by young people while interpreting news along with their perceptions of the way of representation of primary sociopolitical problems in the news. Buckingham (2007) argued that the political understanding needs to be evaluated in context of the modern societies. The reporting patterns should be consistent with the changing perceptions of young people regarding their responsibilities. References: Buckingham, D. (2002). The Making of Citizen: Young People news and Politics. Routledge. Dover, C. (2007). Everyday Talk: Investigation Media Consumption and Identity Amongst School Children. [email protected] 4(1). Retrieved from http://www.participations.org/Volume%204/Issue%201/4_01_dover.htm. Harindranath, R. (2006). Audiences, public knowledge and citizenship in democratic states: preliminary thoughts on a conceptual framework. [email protected] 3(2). Retrieved from http://www.participations.org/volume%203/issue%202%20-%20special/3_02_harindranath.htm.


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