Need help with my writing homework on The Corporate Social Responsibility and the Key Requirements for Modern Organizations. Write a 1750 word paper answering; Before discussing the principles and corporate social responsibility issues, it is important to give a background to this whole debate with historical facts. Kew Gardens is an area in New York where a woman named Kitty Genovese was killed in front of her own home. What is important, however, to note that the none of the neighbors despite having the full information of what is happening to her called the police or other law enforcement agencies to help her avoid being murdered. What is critical, however, to note that it was largely argued that the behavior or response of the people who witnessed this whole episode was not considered as irresponsible. Most believed that the neighbors just stood by and watched the murder taking place without actually taking effort to prevent it. This simple historical fact, therefore, outlines the ethical responsibilities of not only the individuals but the corporations too. According to Simon, Powers & Gunman, the overall purpose of the firm though is based upon the maximization of the profits and value for the shareholders, however, it must be supported by the notion of inflicting minimum social injury. As such it becomes the ethical responsibility of the individuals as well as the organizations not to harm others besides ensuring that harmful acts of others are also critically scrutinized to ensure that they don’t hamper with the rights and obligations of others. This philosophical position is therefore based upon the deontological principles. (Krausz, & Pava, 1997.) While rationalizing the key philosophical debate behind this, the authors argued that there is a clear and distinct difference between the negative injunction and affirmative duty of a firm. Negative injunctions outline that the firms should not engage themselves in the activities which can create social injury. The affirmative duty, however, outlines that firms also need to actively pursue good things. The above principles therefore suggest that the corporate social responsibility of the firms is two-pronged strategy wherein firms not only avoid to engage themselves into behaviors and actions which can create deliberate social injury for the society but on the other hand should also engage themselves into actions which can actually create some good for the society as a whole. Accordingly, the negative injunction, as well as affirmative duty, is considered as the moral minimum for the organizations as well as individuals. Authors also argue that both these principles are backed by the moral as well as the legal traditions. (Mallin, 2007) It is argued that in a society where organizations and individuals way go ahead to avoid social injury to others can actually become a better and more tolerant society. Within this perspective, the role of the organization, therefore, is not just limited to the pursuit of the profit but to ensure that the society is not inflicted negatively by its action. The responsibilities of the organization, therefore, are relatively different and larger within this context and require active participation from the firms. This principle outlines that increased needs also increases the responsibility for the individuals as well as the organization. Accordingly, organizations which are expanding into international level especially seem to have a greater responsibility for ensuring that their actions do not result in social injury.


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