Need help with my writing homework on Suggest a way of splitting the wide variety of visual illusions into groups, and describe how these categories could be meaningf. Write a 1000 word paper answering; Categorizing optical illusions Due to the fact that visual illusions are numerous, it is vital that they are grouped in certain ways in order to ease their understanding. Kanizsa (1976, pp. 48-52) notes that different factors are responsible for the grouping of optical illusions, and these include angles, light, distance, depth, color and influence of the visual field’s location. Grouping of visual illusions is done by the human mind in order to simplify their complexities. In fact, the mind does this in form of piles in order to attend to fewer things that it would for individual objects. In Gestalt psychology, grouping is done on the visual illusions in order to minimize the number of objects to be kept in human memory (Zanker, 2010, pp. 150-165). 1. Cognitive illusions Many individuals believe that these illusions result from the interaction with human assumptions on the world. hence causing the creation of unconscious inferences. This idea was proposed by Hermann Helmholtz during the 19th century (Gregory, 1968, pp. 66-76). In turn, cognitive illusions are categorized into distorting illusions, ambiguous illusions, fiction illusions, or paradox illusions. Ambiguous illusions To start with, Gregory (1968, pp. 176-196) maintains that ambiguous illusions refer to objects or pictures that bring out a perceptual switch between different interpretations. This implies that the visual system interprets objects or pictures in the many ways. In the human eye, the shape or image in the retina is constant since one cannot see a mixture of two perceptions. Here, an individual can perceive one of the images at a go, though they can visually flip forth and back. This is type of illusions is best demonstrated by the Rubin vase and the Necker cube. Distorting illusions According to Zanker (2010, pp. 150-165), these illusions have length, size, or curvature, and they make objects appear shorter, longer, bigger, smaller, or have a different shape. Some of these illusions include cafe wall illusion and Mueller-Lyer illusion. The cafe wall was initially described by Richard Gregory, who observed that the curious impact of the tiles of a cafe bottom at St. Michael’s Hill in Bristol. According to him, the straight and parallel horizontal lines seemed to be bent by the optical illusion (Goldstein, 2010, pp. 177-180). In the other example, optical illusion consists of nothing but an arrow. Here, viewers place a mark at the middle, and they place it almost at the tail end. Fiction illusion Gregory (1968, pp. 176-196) asserts that these are illusions that entail the perceptions of objects, which are sincerely not there, but one observer, such as, those ones caused by hallucinogenic drugs or schizophrenia. Paradox visual illusions These ones give objects are impossible or paradoxical when perceived by individuals. Some of the examples include impossible staircases or Penrose triangle in M.C.Escher’s work (Gregory, 1968, pp. 176-196). Here, the triangle is an illusion that depends on cognitive misunderstanding that bordering edges should join. These illusions arise from perceptual learning. 2. Physiological illusions According to Goldstein (2010, pp.


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