Need help with my writing homework on Security issues in delivering infrastructure as a service in cloud computing and business. Write a 6000 word paper answering; Cloud computing has emerged as a prominent computing paradigm, that promises to provide a cost and worry free solutions to consumer problems so that they can consume the services provided by the cloud without worrying about the maintenance and updating of the services they are consuming. Also it needs less investment in order to adopt a new IT infrastructure for the organization. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud specifically provides the consumers with required hardware and software resources in order to host their complete software systems and run their business applications. This ease and flexibility however, comes with inherent security threats and risks that hinder the wide adoption of cloud computing in general. This document discusses the cloud computing IaaS paradigm in detail and the security threats that can be faced by the consumers, consuming the services under IaaS cloud. Introduction Cloud computing is a quickly and extensively evolving paradigm in the world of information technology and it is basically the resultant of the trend of service provision to remote users. The theme of cloud computing is that all computational resources and assets are offered by the cloud service providers to the remote users all around the globe as a service. It does not require the users to have proper knowledge and proficiency in a particular domain or technology in order to manage the resources and user can access them through the internet. Cloud computing is a fairly innovative computing model and has been prominent in the field of information technology over the past years. The cloud computing model enables the subscribers to utilize the computing resources and assets at the time of need, without investing a higher amount of money and frees them from the worries about the complication involved in adopting other options. Nevertheless the huge numbers of implementations that have gotten so much higher reputation among the community of IT are oriented towards a particular business and are commercial so it does not support the users with complex and bigger requirements and relatively little financial resources (Cunsolo et al., 2010. Cunsolo et al., 2009. Osorio et al., 2012). The trend of cloud computing is rapidly growing. Cloud computing methodology is vastly ubiquitous in this technological period. However we can define cloud computing technology as an idea or a trend. In this scenario, cloud computing is a useful technique for accessing various applications with storage capacity from a distant location via internet link. Thus it is not an advance standard approach. On the other hand, the cloud computing is an ideal solution for the management and provision of applications, information and data as a service. Additionally, these services are provided over the internet, often on a consumption-based model. In this way we can say that cloud computing&nbsp.is a technological aspect that is used in main servers and internet to sustain information as well as programs. Usually it is known as a&nbsp.grid of computers&nbsp.that are useful for serves like a service oriented structural design. Hence this design is used for delivering software along with information. Moreover cloud computing facilitates its users and business related modules to make use of applications without paying any cost. Therefore users may access their private data and information through computers, which have internet connection. Cloud computing technological aspects facilitate us through well-organized and resourceful computing with centralizing memory allocation, storage space, bandwidth and processing (Cleveland et al., 2011. TechTarget, 2007.


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