Need help with my writing homework on Requires …grammar….expression correction. Write a 1000 word paper answering; Despite the technological advancement, hi-tech society buildings still suffers from a variety of issues of maintenance causes from decisions of their designer. It is a broad observation that modern day buildings are more susceptible to maintenance as compared to older counterparts. This research investigates of the impact of design defects on maintenance through their barriers and limitations of the interaction between them in an attempt to improve building design to reduce maintenance costs, especially in hospital buildings. In addition to literature studies, the interviewee questions and a case study have been analyzed to identify design and maintenance defects, their impacts on the maintenance and management of hospital buildings in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, it explores the concerning roles, responsibilities, obligations, and liabilities of the agents who are involved in the design and maintenance performance and feasible solutions. The King Fahad Hospital was chosen for the study and the five interviewees were interviewed on telephone. Qualitative methodology was selected to collect data for this study. it has been found out that the majority of maintenance dilemmas in the hospital building are attributed to design defects. The defects affecting the maintenance of hospital in the budget were led to depletion of maintenance budget besides an increase in maintenance costs. Some recommendations were provided. Conclusion The first topic the chapter reviewed was maintenance. Common problems were identified and approaches to reduce the burden of maintenance through Total Quality Management of design were described. The effect poor design has on society was explored in terms of political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal aspects. The chapter discussed design defects in terms of the professional obligations that each agent in the design team holds. The chapter emphasized the roles, which the civil engineers, the architects, the interior designers, the commissioning agents, and the structural engineers have in the designing process. It also talked about the increasing role of legal action in poor design. Then the chapter discussed the inherent limitations of the building design and maintenance and its limitation in their relation. It lists the scope of the projects as well as the objectives and concludes with the significance of an investigation of the impact of design on the maintenance of hospital buildings in Saudi Arabia. This presents an opportunity for investigations of the impact of design imperfections on maintenance. In prior knowledge of most results and the factors that influenced the maintenance of negligence in design, circles many aspects such as specification of materials, thermal movement, wet areas, ventilation, inefficient detailing, improper material selection and poor design for accessing maintenance measures. The chapter also argued that the design process must also be considered from legal standpoint and the obligations of the design agents. There is mention in the literature of maintenance issues in Saudi Arabia. Ikhwan and Burney (1999) pointed out the importance of maintenance in the Kingdom, and discussed the need for maintenance education. They also highlighted research activities on maintenance performed at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah.


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