Need help with my writing homework on Philadelphia Fight Organization. Write a 1000 word paper answering; Besides just being concerned with the development of research and treatments, the organization provides a home to prevention, education and providing more information services concerning the disease. It has AIDS library and carry out a number of projects which are related to the disease as well as activism in combating the disease (Philadelphia Fight Organization, 2012). The organization is not big enough and it has its operations centered at Philadelphia where it provides the free services to the affected. The organization being a charitable and non profit organization, its hands are tied and can not get involved to activities which can make it get income. This has made the organization to depend entirely on the services of the volunteers which to a certain extent has some challenges. The reliance of the organization to volunteers has made it not to have clear human resource policies making it have challenges when it comes to human resource developments. The staffs do not undergo thorough recruitment since there is lack of money to pay the well qualified personnel. This has been the big challenge that the organization has been experiencing since its inception. The major legal concern of the organization is how to get justice done for the HIV/AIDS victims as many of them are suffering as a result of actions which were beyond them. Some of the victims of HIV they are working with were subjected to that status as result of rape by gangs which were beyond the patient’s control. The organization finds it challenging to get justice for these victims owing to the nature of events which is very difficult to follow. Similarly, the organization lacks the professionalism in dealing with legal challenges affecting the organization as many of the staffs are from medical field and don’t know more about law. This has rendered a legal challenge which the organization has to deal with in attempts to promote justice (Philadelphia Fight Organization, 2012). The organization can competently deal with these legal concerns through setting a separate entity of staffs which deals with legal matters. This will help in dealing with the legal concerns which will see justice done to the patients who felt victims as a result of actions which were beyond their control. For this exercise to be effective, the organization needs to get experts through recruitment of staffs that can diligently deal with these issues and solve them. It also requires the organization to have money which will be used in recruiting staffs who will be addressing legal issues which are concern to the organization. Addressing legal concern which affects the employees needs experts hence this can only be dealt with through recruiting those suitable for it. The organizations need to take a number of actions into consideration in order to expand into other markets in the international arena. The organization needs to embark on the qualified staffs within its department’s in order to get good and efficient services. This can begin from recruiting and training of staffs responsible for the human resource in order to equip them with the task they will be carrying out. Training of the staffs will also increase the competency among the human resource personnel which will intern be reflected to other departments resulting to quality of services being rendered by the organization.


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