Need help with my writing homework on Managing Creativity and Change. Write a 2500 word paper answering; The hierarchical organization structure is common in both the public and private sectors. In a typical private organization or public institution, departmental heads, as well as, unit managers report directly the general managers or the vice presidents, who in turn report to the president (Marlow, 2011). In small businesses, the layers are lesser than the layers in the large organizations. Although hierarchical organizational structures may be effective as far as managing thousands of employees is concerned, they have numerous weaknesses, which will result in them being less evident in the future. In today’s business world, the level of competition in every industry is growing rapidly. One of the key factors behind the ever-increasing competition is the fact that globalization is ever increasing. In other words, the ever-increasing interconnectedness has substantially contributed to the rapidly increasing competition. Companies are spreading their operations outside the local borders to take advantage of new markets. Another key reason why countries are going global is to take advantage of the hap labor especially in the emerging markets including China, India, and Brazil among other emerging economies. Firms that are taking advantage of cheap labor in today’s competitive world are enhancing their competitiveness. Production using cheap labor translates into competitive prices for the goods and services. Therefore, for all the global organizations that have shifted some of their operations to some of the cheap labor economies are becoming more competitive. This is because they are able to supply their goods and services at competitive prices in both the local and international markets (Dutz, 2011). The global economy has significantly changed in many ways. Countries are more dependent on each other than ever before. The world has become a global village and an external effect on a single major economy or region has direct, as well as, indirect effect on the global economy. For example, a major economic outcome in the U.S. could positively or, negatively affect the whole world. This is because of the increased interconnectedness and dependence amongst nations. If there were an economic boom within the U.S., other countries including the small ones would benefit from the high demand for goods and services in the world’s largest economy. On the other hand, a recession in the world’s largest economy could adversely affect the rest of the world. For example, following the 2007/2008 global financial crisis, the poor economic state in the U.S. affected the entire global economy (Ofd.ncsu.edu, 2013). The world’s economy is shifting from hierarchical organization structures to flat organization structures. The expectations amongst employees are different under the tall and the flat structures. For example, under hierarchical structures, employees feel that they have job security. This is because of the fact that this type of organizational structure is present in large organizations, which have attained a higher level of stability. In these organizations, the level of innovation is lower, compared to organizations that embrace flat structures. This is because of the fact that the senior high-level management keeps a close eye to the employees. In other words, there is more&nbsp.supervision and monitoring of employees by the senior management, which limits their innovativeness.&nbsp.


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