Need help with my writing homework on Madame Bovary: From Book to Screen. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Filmic adaptations of novels are hypertext generated from hypo text. This transformation of a text from a book to a screen takes place by selection, amplification, concretization and actualization (Stam 209). For all the movies we watch and their hypo text novels we read, there is always an ongoing comparison between the hypo text and its adaptation. No adaptation can be similar to its hypo text, but the argument needs to look past the surface that whether the movie was accurately adapted to its hypo text or does it make any significant changes. Though, the quality of an adaptation is also an important part, but this question requires consideration that whether any important aspect of the novel or hypo text was left out or considered useless while making its adaptation. Whether the director visually presented the storyline as it was in the novel or has he changed the setting or any character’s attributes, which create a drastic change and also whether the film is realistic, but true to the hypo text. Although there are some aspects in the novels or text that are on purpose played down in a movie, for example any scenes of murder or suicide, if they are too violent and obscene. Film producers and directors sometimes change such scenes to give it a nicer or at least a normal look. Each Genre has its own means of expression, its own strengths and weaknesses, although, this barely arguable claim allow us to see the difference between conception vs. perception (Donaldson 234). In the case of Madam Bovary, The filmic adaptation of the novel was quite good. The awesome attentiveness of Jennifer Jones’s performance as the lead role is the source of eminence for Vincente Minnelli’s melodramatic 1949 adaptation of Gustave Flaubert’s novel. The movie begins with the trial of Flaubert for obscenity in the year 1857, and the author defends himself and his book. Author then tells the story from his point of view, purifying its style and narrative into a story about a young woman’s ruined romantic dreams. As stated by Sander’s (2006), “More obvious concerns are those texts where the author is appropriating the known facts of a particular event…..in order to shape its fiction”. There are differences between the movie and the novel, but they were needed to make to make the movie acceptable to the audience. As it was released in the year 1949, in a more ethically firm America and when infidelities of women were considered a very obscene act. Naturally, Minnelli could not picture in detail whatever happened in the novel. Flaubert’s received a lot of criticism due to Madam Bovary, as it was considered morally and ethically, a shocking and upsetting writing, which endangered the society’s principles. It was a story about a woman, who was willing to do anything for fame and fun, a woman who was unfaithful to her husband and didn’t care whether he knew about her acts or not. Emma was fascinated with the aesthetics, which becomes apparent by her adolescence behavior at the convent where she indulges into sentimentality rather than devotion to God, which she was supposed to learn. Emma’s character dwells in beauty as it offers her haughty ideas of aspiration. She tries to overcome her complexes by spending so much time and money to buy many items for improving her appearance. Her lover’s good appearances were in contrast to Charles’s negligence. The shakiness of Flaubert’s ethics is understood in the outset.


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