Need help with my writing homework on Increase in Sexual violations against children from [year] to [year] (must be recent). Write a 1000 word paper answering; Many people wonder what has become of our society and what the future generation will be like, are there mistakes somewhere that need to be addressed to combat the problem? Combating the problem calls for dealing with the root causes of the increasing sexual violations among children. The increase in sexual violations against children in the recent years has been attributed to increase use of internet, poverty, and the family environment the child is exposed. A number of researches show an increase in the number of sexual violations against children over the past years. Even though the exact numbers of sexual offence are not known, facts show an increase in the number of such cases. Most of the research work on the sexual offences relies on information from the police department although most of the sexual violations against children and youths are not reported to the police. Information from statistics Canada shows that there was an increase of three percent in the number of sexual violations against children reported between 2010 and 2011. Statistics has since then show a steady increase at an alarming rate, which call for drastic measures to be taken. The knowledge of the underlying causes for the increase is important since it is the first step towards combating the problem. Although the improved technology is something that calls for a celebration, it has come with the limitations to the society. The increased internet use exposes children to pornography, which is considered the basic factor contributing to increased sexual violations against children. According to Jaffer and Brazeau (2011), the internet has facilitated pornography and the sale and purchase of sexual activities (p.11). Children watching pornographic pictures over the internet tend to mimic what they see and may in turn practice the act on other vulnerable children around them. This is a form of sexual violation even though the offender who in this case is a child may not have bad intensions. There have been increased cases where perpetrators of the sexual offences children against themselves. In addition, there are older people who create the children pornography as reported by the police department (Canada, 2009). According to building a Europe for and with children (2010), there have been cases where adults entice children over the internet to sexual activities (p.304). The direct contact between a child and an anonymous is pointed out to be common. Usually the adult predators build trust with the victim then entice them to meet at a place where the offence is committed. Such predators also use webcam to send pictures of sexual malpractices to their victims who in most cases are children. Recruiting young girls into prostitution has also been done through internet. This can be termed, as child luring which according to the Canada statistics no much documentation is available. According to the centers for research and education on violence against women and children (2010), the greater percentages of sexual predator over the internet are male who lure adolescent girls (p.9). It is with no doubt that something needs to be done to combat sexual violations through the internet. Poverty is another factor seen to have contributed to the increase in the number of sexual offences against children (Holtz, 2013 p.327). Research show that, children from families with low income are more at risk of being abused sexually.


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