Need help with my writing homework on Historical Relation between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Write a 1000 word paper answering; Religion helps to provide a driving force for every man’s existence on Earth – it is a belief of faith that people indulge in, in order to feel secure and protected in terms of their actions with relation to others around them. It is said that Judaism was the backing that gave way to Christianity and Islam and that is why most of their teachings and beliefs are very much similar. The three religions share a stark relationship with each other in terms of their history with a connection between their messengers, texts and teachings. If checked properly, one can also notice the similarities between their rites and rituals, and how it is only different names and the use of different languages that separates the three from each other. The commonality between the three is that each religion believes in its own God, and has put major emphasis on the higher supreme power that rules the faith. It is said that these Gods were the creators of heaven and hell, and of man’s existence on Earth, and that is why each religion has its own set of beliefs and laws for every man to dedicate his life to serving God.. Traditionally speaking, all three religions are bound by history because of their connection with Prophets like Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. They each were the servants of their Gods and came as messengers to people in order to reveal the truth about life that God imparted to them. Abraham gave his people the message provided to him by God, Moses provided the Israelis with the Ten Commandments, and Jesus was the harbinger of the teachings of God and Hebrew prophets. Finally, Muhammad is said to have combined the above messages of God and reject any kind of idolatry while simply establishing some required laws for the rest of humanity to follow. According to history, it is said that Judaism formed the roots of religion from which Islam and Christianity grew with the help of Messiahs. All three religions had their own Messiahs that delivered messages of truth and peace to the rest of their followers. While taking the literal meaning of the word ‘God’ into account, all three religions date back to their creations. The Hebrew word for God is ‘Elohim’ which in Arabic or Islam can be translated as, and means, ‘Allah’. Jews were said to come from Isaac, the son of Abraham, and the Arabs from Ishmael, another son of Abraham. According to this theory, all three religions were born out of the brainchild of a single God, despite having branched out into separate entities. Thus, all of mankind is a child of Abraham. On reading the holy books pertaining to each religion, i.e., the Holy Bible or the Qur’an, many historians, as well as people specializing in theology, have pointed out that the texts and readings of all religions contain the same teachings in different languages. The names of the Prophets are also strikingly similar, with a few changes in the pronunciation due to being spoken about and written in different languages and scripts. With respect to history, taken from a pragmatic point of view, there is only one God and his sons were the ones to have brought his message to the rest of mankind, and this was done by three different elements, thus leading to the creation of different religions. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, gradually developed into powerful tools used for the purpose of politics and monarchy in different countries, among different people. Preaching to the people became a widely known concept in the early centuries of the world, and more and more people began to take to power just in order to be able to gather a mass following. This came as a threat to the identity and existence of the religions as the purpose of existence for mankind because it was begun to be used as a tool in the hands of people.


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