Need help with my writing homework on Entrepreneurship of The Busters. Write a 3250 word paper answering; This essay discusses that the owners of the business, i.e. The Buster’s have decided to expand the business size by opening up another store in a new building two blocks away from their current location. The proposed business venture will be designed on the similar basis, as the current business is established. Keeping in view, the expertise and skills of the owner and work force will be beneficial in providing a solid guarantee to the investors that their money will not be spend on a business venture that is non profitable at any point. This is because of the fact that The Buster’s is running smoothly and profitably at its current location. Keeping in view the small size of the business, the owner want to expand by opening up another small store in a new building of about 1,000 square feet of space, maintained and run by a work force of two to three employees. The new office building is located at 5th Avenue near Carroll gardens with the name, The Business Avenue. In the Business Avenue, offices of different multinationals and domestic firms are located and there are around 15,000 different individuals who visit this 20 story building. The Buster’s is keen in providing superior quality canteen items, stationary products, news papers and magazines. In addition to these items, the owner of the store, Marsha Jones, has decided to add more items to store’s shelves as she is going to acquire a larger space in The Business Avenue, i.e. of around 1500 square feet of physical space at the ground floor of the building. 1.3 Business Aspirations The biggest aspiration that evoked Marsha Jones to open up a news Buster’s store was her dream of transforming The Buster’s into a chain of super stores within next 10 years. Opening up her second store in The Business Avenue is just one step towards making The Buster’s a popular super store where customers can get all what they want. She wants to open up another 10 stores like The Buster’s, no matter within New York or in other states and cities of United States of America. 2. Organization of the Business This section describes who will be managing the business affairs of The Buster’s and how many employees will be needed to run the business on daily business. In addition, this section also describes the legal status of the business, that whether it is going to be a partnership business or held solely by Marsha Jones. In the end, this section of the report also provides inside to the company’s vendors and suppliers. 2.1 Owners Marsha Jones, who is the owner and creator of the business, will be managing the store on daily basis.


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