Need help with my writing homework on Description of United States. Write a 1000 word paper answering; United States office of Citizenship and Immigration controls citizenship. In comparing different countries across the world in terms of per capita Gross Domestic Product, or in terms of Human Development Index, we can denote that the people in the most developed countries enjoy a good life (Reimer, Simon and Romance, 2010, p. 256). In this case, as an American citizen, notions of good life arise from the material fulfillment, quality of relations between individuals and the environment which leads to a comfortable life. American citizenship is obtained by birth or through naturalization (Reimer, Simon and Romance, 2010, p. 237). An individual born in United States obtains citizenship automatically by birth. On the other hand, a person not born in America can become a citizen by naturalization. This is done through application after satisfying citizenship tests, residency requirements and repudiation of any other foreign citizenship (Reimer, Simon and Romance, 2010, p. 238). American Citizen is obliged to “support and defend the constitution, serve the country when required, participate in democratic process, respect and obey federal, state and the local laws and respect the rights, beliefs and opinions of others” (Reimer, Simon and Romance, 2010, p. 242). In return, the society and state has obligations towards an America citizen. In reference to Reimer, Simon and Romance (2010), an American citizen has the right to “vote in federal elections, bring family members to the United States, run for federal office and become eligible for federal grants and scholarships” (p. 247). Question #2 Different dimensions across the world have been used to define good life. Material satisfaction, autonomy, positive relations with other people within the society and the environment are some of the dimensions that have been used to define good life (Reimer, Simon and Romance, 2010, p. 257). Over the past centuries, different authors and scholar have formulated theories to explain good life. Some of the authors such as Aristotle, Hume, Dobson and Leopold attempted to link the virtue of ethics to the idea of responsible being and acting. In this golden age, defining good life is reasonably maculated. Reimer, Simon and Romance (2010), assert “rising levels of anxiety, declining levels of happiness and well being, partly linked to our emergent inequality and rising dissatisfaction with what we have materially, politically and personally” (p. 262) have all been issues of concern. In essence, this notion denies people the chance to associate with nature. Needless to say, such a notion is in extreme contrast with concepts of ecological sustainability and has contributed to environmental dilapidation In a wealthy and developed country like United States, good life should not only be defined by the material satisfaction but also by the other facets of good life. The current dominating socio-economic system in the United States is one propelled by the chase for unimpeded augmentation conveyed by Gross Domestic Product percentage (Reimer, Simon and Romance, 2010, p. 264). United States notion of individuals as maximizing agents equates material well being with good life and views the environment as a mere input to the economic system of production. Though material satisfaction defines a good life, personal development, positive relations with other people and the environment are part and parcel of good life.


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