Need help with my writing homework on Changing To a Value-driven Organisational Culture Will Affect Employees Positively. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Change is needed in every organization, particularly after learning from the past scenarios. For examples if the phase of recession is considered, learning from the mistakes and changing towards better performances provide greater values. High performance is highly related to an organization’s capability to change by getting the right people focused at the right place, the right procedures of management, and the right cultural administration within the organization. Specifically, it is “all about building a new employment deal for a new era” (Holbeche, 2009, pp.254-256). In today’s world organizational values are highly significant because rapid changes are occurring in the contexts of human resources and the environment in which a business organization is running (Jimenez, 2009, pp.7-8). Values are thus important to an organization’s society, shareholders, and employees. Studies reveal that organizational performance to a great extent depends on employees’ level of satisfaction. The motivations of different employees may be able to be understood by realizing their mental and spiritual motivation factors. Thus creating a corporate culture that aligns with the values of all stakeholders as well as the employees of the company is a vital issue for the businesses in the current world. According to Kotter and Hesket companies having strong cultures that are focused on “shared values” have proven to perform better than other companies. A similar view has also been provided by Collins and Porras (Barrett, n.d., pp.1-3). Past experiences clearly reveal that organizations may have better and improved ways to place themselves in the current century. Every organization has a character of its own but the major factor is that it is comprised of people. Human resources “drive” an organization and its culture. The culture of an organization is thus also formed by the individuals forming it. Values that are shared by such individuals create the cultures within different organizations. However there is always a tendency among human beings to stick to old thoughts and not accept new changes that may create several problems. Creation of value-driven organizations and integrating “organizations and individuals” would thus play a major role in the success of a firm (Pohlman & Gardiner, 2000, pp.5-15). Creation of a value-driven culture where employees can experience an association between “their personal values and the organization’s values” is a major step towards organizational success (Barrett, n.d., p. 4). Realizing the importance of a value-driven organization, this research study has mainly been conducted to understand the effects of value-driven organization on the employees of a firm. A hypothesis that has been considered for the study reflecting that a value-driven organization has positive effects on the employees. The study would thus bring about an analytical outcome to the hypothesis mentioned. Results: Based on the research objectives and the hypothesis of the research study, two questionnaires were formed and two staffs were interviewed. The results thus obtained have been studied.


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