Need help with my writing homework on Administration and Executive Support. Write a 1000 word paper answering; The customers count on the company to deliver exceptional services each day and connect them with the world as well as steer their businesses and in their quest to satisfy customers, they need a good managerial structure. An administrative assistant in the company is responsible for administrative as well as clerical duties to run the organization efficiently. These tasks include co-ordination of the administrative activities, retrieving, storing and integrating and relaying information to staff and clients. As a result, administrative assistants must possess certain qualities and skills that will help them carry out duties efficiently in line with the goals and objectives of the company. Key qualities and skills of an administrative assistant Good communication is not only the backbone but also an asset to every business, and thus, an administrative assistant must possess excellent communication skills. Outstanding communication skills coupled with proper listening skills, gives the administrative assistant an ability to form good interpersonal relationships and know how to interact with people since they are in direct contact with customers and clients of the company. Other skills needed by an administrative assistant are organizational and time management skills. Since administrative assistants have multiple jobs and constantly multi-task, organization skills as well as the ability to pay attention to things are a must have qualities. These help them keep track of the duties and everything that is happening and prioritize the tasks, which can only be achieved by excellent time management skills. Confidentiality, dependability and reliability are other qualities that an administrative assistant should possess. They must show high level of or reliability and dependability since they are charged with numerous tasks and responsibilities. Administrative assistants interact with customers directly and so they are bound to know information about their customers thus they are required to be able to keep the information safe and not be the chief gossipers in the office. They should also be very knowledgeable on the company’s products so that they present precise and non conflicting information to clients. They should also exhibit good customer service orientation, personal appearance, attitude and competence since they interact with client or customers on a daily basis. In addition, a good administrative assistant must have certain traits such as honesty, respect, flexibility, trustworthiness and sound work ethics. There are significant because their close interaction with managers allows them to hold crucial information that must be protected and these qualities form the pillar to safeguarding such information. Individual Action Plan Method Details When? Why? Outcome Virtual training Training on virtual methods of working May, 2012 Help in becoming a virtual administrative assistance Public Relations Participation involves external stakeholders June, 2012 Learn how to interact with external stakeholders Leadership development management Participants are placed in three diverse work assignments August, 2012 Develop competitive leadership skills and experience to perform well. ICT Involve learning new IT services September Keep up with the changing ICT technologies Record keeping Training on methods and ways of keeping records October Lear how to arrange and keep records in orderly manner Stakeholder refers to a person, an organization or a group of people who have direct and indirect contact with the organization and is affected or affect policies, actions and objectives of that organization.


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