Need an research paper on walden university writing center. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. In addition to these, the centre provides a grammar check facility, and to maintain academic integrity, there is a plagiarism detection tool integrated called Turnitin. Above all, the website gives a detailed description about writing in APA style. Walden University Writing Center: The Temple of Writing The online writing center of the Walden University introduces a student to what is known as the scientific way of writing. It offers the possibility of exploring APA style and formatting, taking up writing courses to improve one’s writing skills, participation in webinars, tutoring from professionals in the field of writing and expressing their views in the blogs of the writing center. The webpage is equally useful for a beginner as well as an experienced author. It caters to the individual needs of each student. One of the most attractive features of the writing centre is getting individual feedback from the Walden staff on the works the students upload on the site. A Step by Step Guide to Writing For an undergraduate student Walden University writing centre is a step by step guide unfolding the solutions to various problems he/she may come across while preparing his/her assignments. It provides an orientation to what exactly the assignment is about, the keywords to be searched, common writing terms in an assignment, thereby making the student develop a clear understanding about his/her assignment. The site provides training in preparing discussion posts. Though they are mini-essays they require ultimate attention and alertness as in preparing a research paper. There are options for preparing collaborative assignments which can improve a student’s ability in communication, time management, and delegation. As a beginner in writing, an undergraduate student definitely finds the writing guidelines very appropriate and useful as he/she progresses through the course. In addition to these services, the Walden University provides services like one to one tutoring and live webinars. Students are permitted to access Knowledge Area modules and work on it. In addition to these services, the student gets an opportunity to deal with capstone studies that give extensive help in improving one’s research paper. Individualized Learning The most interesting feature of Walden writing centre is one on one tutoring. Here the student makes an appointment with the tutor of his choice. then uploads his work for the review along with the instructions on areas to be focused on. Within 2 days the student will receive a feedback from the tutor. The feedback will include resources and suggestions on grammar, APA style adherence, basic formatting and regarding the flow of writing. The students are requested to submit their papers before 5 am EST on that day. The aim of this service is not to fix the errors in a paper but to improve the writing skills of the students. So the students should make sure to incorporate these suggestions in the next paper they work on. Another very useful and vibrant service is the live webinars the centre provides. These are discussions on subjects relevant to perfecting one’s writing skills. There is a webinar archive which provides the details of past webinars. Making an Appointment To make an appointment with the tutor of your choice the student is requested to log on to ‘my Walden portal’. Click on the Academics tab, click on schedule an appointment and then tutor tab.&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.


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