Need an research paper on the nerve nurses need to start their own businesses. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Let start with the statistics. Today, several million of new businesses are launched in the United States each year, and most of them end up being successful (Megginson and Smart, 2008, p.823). What this means is that, since, it is a relatively common practice, one who intends to put up his or her own, will never find a shortage of support. For example, financing may be available such as the so-called angel investors, who are typically locally wealthy business people who can invest $50,000 to over $200,000 in a new business (Megginson and Smart, p. 823). More importantly, however, is the fact that it is easy to navigate the process since there are existing and established norms because business is essentially an established technology, with established tasks, objectives and milestones (p.823). Some successful practitioners manage to take advantage of this condition and avoid risks by starting small and eventually finishing big. Consider a nurse who is currently working in an institution. She decides to start a small business that she could conduct while she is working as a nurse. It is more like part time work but it is a start. She sets up a nursing home business by accepting old people in the community who can no longer take care of themselves. She hires an employee and proceeded on charging $150 per day. Since these are adults and not very mobile wards, she is able to accept 6-7 elderly per day, with her staff and her help during her free time. So that would be about $900-1050 per day. The elderly population in her community is quite large, so the business is poised to be popular and expansion, inevitable. The above example demonstrated several of the opportunities and the abilities involved in starting a business. It also depicts how creativity can be rewarded with success. The approach was able to address the financial problem of securing a steady flow of capital with the plan, since the example cited how the nurse began the business while still working. This is especially important in instances when financial loans are difficult to come by. This is true in the case women. Sometimes being female can be a disadvantage in securing loans (Fielden and Davidson, 2006, p.114). Private practice can also become rewarding since a nurse is in a more position to make a meaningful difference to his or her clients. This is because, in the course of the practice, there is an opportunity to immediately decide on additional services or modifications in service being provided. The following case study demonstrates this best: Mandy, a community pediatric nurse, thought she was selling home care for children. But when she questioned her patients and their families, she found that for the parents of sick children she provided reassurance, a source of reliable information, a shoulder to cry on and a tension diffuser… The response of the patients varied according to their illness.


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