Need an research paper on the most effective motivational scheme. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. I will be passing out a survey for my father’s employees. This survey will contain a questionnaire about a few motivational behaviors which we can implement in our business. Through this survey, we are hopeful of finding out the perception of our employees and also their present motivation and interest level. It is important that we find out which motivational scheme is most important, in order to keep our employees happy. Since it is a small business, the greatest fear is the high attrition rate and skilled employees leaving the business. To get into the appliance repair business one does not need much capital, therefore, it is important that we keep our employees happy with the right motivational scheme. That way they will not leave us to start their own business. Experience A cohort can be termed as a group of people sharing similar characteristics. These characteristics can be age, date of birth, place of origin, place of study. A cohort group can also be formed by people, who are subjected to similar kind of situations such as undergoing a particular medical procedure etc (Fein, Tziner & Vasiliu, 2010). A cohort study is also known as a longitudinal study in which the cohort group is studied with respect to a general population (Catlin and Maupin, 2004). I was exposed to a similar situation when I attended a Christian university, for a period of 22 months and went through 11 classes each seven weeks long. I was studying with a cohort group with similar people. This group was similar in terms of age group, knowledge level, education inheriting from the same university. It was natural that the way of understanding the knowledge and interpreting them, was very much similar, as taught by our lecturers. I have had varying experiences during my study tenure in the cohort group. Few days after the classes started in full swing, we started losing our students. Few students dropped out and few were called off by their parents because of personal reasons. Even though most of the participants were of similar age, we had an old lady. The study materials we had been very helpful and lecturers helped us during the research. There were few misunderstandings and quarrels too. Few of the participants of the cohort were not in line with the techniques used by the rest of the cohort during the tenure. But these issues were resolved at the end with proper understanding and some compromises from both the groups. Being in a cohort with the same group of students is quite an experience. The norming and forming is constant. It is also good to know that every time we have to present it is in front of people you know and acquainted with. It helps to boost experience and better results are generated. Reflection The basic concept which I understood is that group or team dynamics is a system of the psychological and behavioral process which occurs within a social group. It can also be termed as intragroup dynamics which means actions and their subsequent reactions and consequences occurring within a group. From the classes which I attended on this particular topic, I was able to understand that group dynamics is done with the objective of understanding behaviors such as decision making, creating and implementing new techniques and ideas, making new ideas viable in the society and making them useful for the current as well as the future generation.&nbsp.


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