Need an research paper on skyfall: masculine ideologies. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. Keywords: Skyfall, Masculinity, Ideologies, James Bond Skyfall: Masculine Ideologies “Bond. James Bond”. This is probably one of the most classic lines delivered in an action movie. What separates this movie from other action films is the classy male lead character of the film. James Bond is an evidence of the influence of traditional masculine ideology on film. Over the years, James Bond movies have been filmed and shown all over the world, and the same ideology has been portrayed. With the advent of globalization, social change in the ideology of masculinity also emerged. Masculinity in the modern era conveyed a man as peaceful and more expressive in contrast to the traditional ideology of being patriarchal. Skyfall is another James Bond movie, created in the period of globalization. Does it conform to the modern masculinity ideologies? Is there a shift in the ideologies as an adaptation of the trend towards globalization? This paper aims to determine the form of masculine ideology in the film Skyfall, as an influence of globalization on the character. Summary of the Film The action film SkyFall revolves around the male lead character James Bond, who works for the MI6, a British Intelligence Agency. As a spy, famously known as Agent 007, he was assigned different missions and given the privilege of the innovations in ammunitions. When one of his missions got compromised, he got into a chase and a colleague had the mistake of shooting him rather than the enemy. He fell from the train and plunged into the river, then washed off to a falls. Hearing the sound of the running water from Agent 007’s headset, the people at the MI6 headquarters, including his handler Agent M, all presumed that he was dead. For a period of time, he did not show up, even when an obituary was circulated. He remained underground, faking his death, because he held a grudge against M for giving the order to the other agent to take the shot whether or not it would hit the enemy or Agent 007 during the chase (Mendes, 2012). After some time, the MI6 headquarters was suddenly attacked mysteriously, and Agent M was assumed to be the target. The unknown villain was able to hack into the MI6’s security and even breached Agent M’s laptop. To make matters worse, the encrypted data in the stolen hard drive was decoded and the spies who were undercover in the different terrorist groups were slowly being revealed to the public, leading to their torture and death. The situation of the MI6 did not escape the media’s attention, and Agent M was in trouble. Agent 007 saw what was happening and decided to go back to MI6 (Mendes, 2012). When he returned for duty, Agent 007 was subjected for debriefing and physical tests. He was evaluated to be fit to report back to the field, and started his pursuit for the villain who infiltrated the MI6 and was also after M. He was sent to China where he met Silva, the man responsible for the chaos in MI6. He was a former agent of the MI6, and M was also his handler. Silva tried to brainwash Agent 007 to joining him take down the MI6, but Agent 007 refused and instead, he was able to catch Silva. But the capture was also part of Silva’s plan. Agent 007 later on was able to figure out that Silva wanted to kill M as a revenge for his past ordeals. Knowing the plan, Agent 007 tried to set a trap for Silva and brought M to his childhood home in Scotland.


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