Need an research paper on preferred learning styles. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. This study was based on descriptive study. Quantitative data was collected from the closed ended questionnaires where the number of students were tallied and presented in a table form. The findings of the study showed that there is no perfect learning style as they have some fault. The study thus recommends that the learning institutes should recommend the best learning style based on the personal traits of the individual. CHAPTER ONE 1.1 Introduction This report focused on analyzing learning style in the learning process. The study focused on analyzing how the learning styles in a classroom set up is influenced by the gender or sex of the students. The study also focused on how the extroverts react to learning styles in a classroom set up. More so, this study focused on how social aspects of the students influence the learning styles. This report focused its premises on the Honey & Mumford learning style in its theoretical framework. In the independent variable, the study had the learner’s gender and characteristics. 1.2 Literature review This reports based its arguments on the recent literature reviews. The literature in this scope of study shows how learning style concepts have been accepted. It is alleged that several studies that have proved that learning styles area true measure of students’ self evaluation (Rosenberg, 2009) though there is a disagreement on the best way of measuring the various learning styles. It is also alleged that there are several researches that have been done on learning styles but most researchers have not agreed on the importance of designing learning programs (Hall, 2009). In addition, Coffield et al (2004) concludes that provision of correct learning strategies, contexts and methods is better as compared to matching individual student preferences. Marzano (1988) posits that tactile and graphic presentation of subject matter produced noticeable effects the outcomes of learning regardless of attempts to match the graphic and tactile methods with learners’ modalities. In a recent by Baker (2002), visual studies were quite advantageous among all adults despite the rate of learning style with preference to the visual images. It was also advantageous for learners with strong preferences in the verbal process. According to Merrill (2000), instructional strategies should be determined first by focusing on the goals of the instructions and the learners’ learning preferences and styles are used to adjust the fundamental learning strategies. CHAPTER TWO 2.1 Research methodology The descriptive research design was used in this study. Hypotheses were set and later test made on the participants. The study was conducted in a workshop and follow up activities in the classroom set up. The study involved one classroom and all the students were participants in this study. Questionnaires were administered and the responses were analyzed in a table form. The test score for the various theories was analyzed in a table. The questions were aimed at critically analyzing the self evaluation of the respondents by determining the learners’ style. There was no time limit to this questionnaire. The accuracy of the results depended on how honest you were. There was no right or wrong answers. If you agreed more than you disagreed with a statement, you had to put a tick next to it. If you disagreed more than you agreed a cross was put beside it. 2.2 Participants The research participants were students in a classroom set up.


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