Need an research paper on polygamy in egypt. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. “, n. p.). This term is sometimes confusing as when the interpretation of bigamy term is done, you are not permitted to have two separate and different marriages at one time but in polygamy you can both get married to two people at the same time and have two spouses living under a single roof (“What is Polygamy?”, n. p.). The antagonists of gay freedom and rights say that when same sex marriages are legitimized, this would lead to making polygamy legal. It might do that, and may be it should do it. What is the issue with polygamy then? Why is it considered illegal? The Mormons didn’t get the legal right within the state to marry multiple people. The answer to this question is short and precise but not an approving one. Polygamy is considered unprotected and illegal by Constitution as Supreme Court does not approve of it. Over a period of hundred years, in Reynolds V. U.S. the Court said that polygamy was “offence not in favor of society”. This Reynolds decision said that criminal certainty of any man accused of having a second wife in the faith that he has to abide by religion to do that. It is a regulation he would defy at the danger of the damnation. The Court evaluated polygamy to killings sanctified b one’s religious faith, as in the burning of wives on the funeral of their husbands or any human sacrifice (Kaminer, n. p.). In the Victorian America, the comparison between Men and women indulging in polygamy made little or no sense. Most people would either go for demise by burning rather than polygamous matrimonies. In today’s world, the Court passes the same precedence in this regard. This analogy is however as outdated as adultery ban itself. After passing this judgment, what then is the difference between a polygamist and an adulterer? Even if it is not illegal for a wedded man to have interred marital affairs with girlfriends and have illegitimate children, then how should it be illegal to have another married wife under the laws of the church? What is the practice and moral disparity between a man who has many families without endorsement of the church and a man who has many families with the consent of the church? (Aziz, n. p.). Recent data by NCSCR (National Centre for Sociological and Criminological Research) showed that in the first three years of marriage, about twenty five percent of all Egyptian men marries again and about seventy percent of these 2nd marriages suffer from divorce then. Today, in Egypt polygamy is allowed for Muslim husbands only. But, polygamy has its roots in the ancient Egypt. In the ancient Egypt, people were allowed to marry two women at the same time. At one time, two or three nuptials ceremony would take place. There have been various debates as to eliminating the polygamy in Egypt. In the ancient Egypt, even though polygamy was legal for all citizens of the society the Kings or the affluent were able to practice it the most (FENSKE, n. p.). In the ancient Egypt, polygamy was practiced to secure more area in the African continent. The pharaohs were great practitioners of polygamy and made it lawful to apply polygamy for all men of Egypt.


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