Need an research paper on platforms and products. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. ………………………………………………………………………….xxxxxx …………………………………………………………………….xxxxxx …………………………………………………………………………xxxxx ………………………………………………………………………..xxxxx @2013 Platforms and products In media, a product refers to what I being marketed, advertised, or any other information which is passed to alert people know about it. While a platform refers to what is being used to pass that information to people. The information always targets more than a million people all over the world who like getting informed on what is going on in their surroundings. It also helps people become more literate because they are able to learn a lot on what is going on in their environment. In today’s world, there has been massive development in media which has brought a great change in our social, cultural and economic sectors (Hilmes & Jacobs 2003). The media is offering us a lot of platforms to pass information to us. They have decided to go with the new advancements in this technological world. This has made it easier for people to reach more information at a faster speed and to very far places. This makes it easy for us all to get informed on the various issues that are either affecting us directly or indirectly. For instance most media companies will use a kindle to give information on a certain book rather than write the contents in a newspaper. The latter is tiresome and obviously not all the required information will be captured. But for the kindle, it will be easy for a person to read a book yet it can carry a lot of books. So a variety of them is guaranteed when a person is using a kindle. There are a variety of platforms which the media can use. They include. iPads, making a website of their own through programmers, the internet and even mobile phones. The impact of digital technology on how we view the media In today’s world, there has been the emergence of digital technology. It has made everything easy for us to handle in our daily lives. Almost everything we do or use is digitalized. For example in the past people used to queue in banks for hours in order to withdraw money. Nowadays there is the use of automated teller machines which have made things easier since we don’t have to queue anymore for minor things in the bank like money withdrawal. The impact of digital technologies on the way we understand television is very huge. Technology has made us to view everything else at another dimension unlike we did before we embraced technology as a whole. For example we can deeply get into asking ourselves how we respond to what we watch from the television and what affects those responses, because of the digital technology impact. For example when the image of something you are actively watching blows up, because somebody forces you to see something new, then you definitely start to do so(Wickham 2008). It is evident that technology hides a lot of reality behind the scenes so they are able to brain wash our minds and we can easily believe what we see even if it does not make a lot of sense about what is happening. A lot of information is twisted around through the use of camera tricks and this will make us create more interest on what we are watching. It will make us glued to our screens more because we are getting entertained. The use of technology by the television media has also made the viewers to be able to interact with them more. This is because they are able to comment on the programs and contribute to various discussions in the television on real time. Through the available technology in our screens, we are able to view and select programs on demand as they are available on large menu choices (Jermyn & Holmes 2006). It gives us the chance to select only what is of interest to us. We are able to enjoy that freedom of only having to see what we desire. Technology makes us lively because it gives us options of what we want to do. We do not have to watch something we do not like just because it is on air. For the existing digital television services like free view and sky have provided an onscreen electronic program hide which enable people to view television schedules in graphic forms. Technology has improved the quality of view images. Because of this, the media is making use of high quality microphones, efficient sound recording materials, faster editing materials, better lighting materials and many other improved facilities. These are all done to make sure that people are always glued on their screens. They make their service to be of good quality because they know that people can turn to other better sources to watch if they provide poor services. This has also led to the creation of better technologies. This is because the media has fully decided to embrace technology by providing services like mobile media access and access through the internet too. Technology has made us to like more of live shows on real time hence the introduction of real time camera control by the media (Carver & Beardon 2012). This helps us see a clear picture of exactly what is going on. The media too is making this a routine whereby most of the news aired on television is on real time. References Hilmes, M. & Jacobs, J. (eds.) 2003. The Television History Book, London: BFI Publishing, 137-140 Wickham, P. 2007. Understanding Television Texts, London: BFI Publishing, 75-85. Routledge Carver G., Beardon C, 2012. New Versions in Performance: The Impact of Digital Technologies, Routledge Jermyn, D. & Holmes, S. 2006. ‘”The Audience is Dead: Long Live the Audience!” Interactivity, “Telephilia” and the Television Audience’, Critical Studies in Television 1 (1).


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