Need an research paper on metal pollution records in core sediments. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. The given business strategy explains that Saudi Armco will produce an estimate of 8 barrels annually and manage over 100 oil and gas fields in Saudi Arabia (Tait). In addition, it has 300 trillion scfd of natural gas oil-rich reserves estimated to have a yield of approximately 260 million barrels, hence explaining why it accounts to be the leading daily oil producer globally (Fernandez). Some of these prominent reserves embrace Ghawar and Shaybah, which are the world’s principal oil fields ever unveiled. In addition, Saudi Armco boasts of having the world’s largest hydrocarbon network, which is mainly the Master Gas system – MGS. MGS is a gas gathering and processing system built in 1975 that will enable Saudi Armco to sell all its gas products obtained during oil production as well as from gas reservoirs (Badr 1). The system will also become Saudi Arabia’s industrialization main resource ever since it can produce large amounts of natural gas on a daily basis. (Fernandez). In addition, Saudi Armco hosts several goals it ought to accomplish like producing about 10% of the energy consumed globally on a daily basis (Zuhur 149). To maintain its petroleum production capacity, Saudi Armco will constantly involve itself in varied investments with the intention of heightening its good publicity, be the most reliable energy producer and a global supplier. All the company’s activities will encompass exploring, refining, chemical processes, distribution, marketing, and production, which will all be exclusively under the supervision of Ministry of petroleum and mineral resources in conjunction with the supreme council for petroleum and minerals. Initially, Saudi Armco’s plans were to use Cray supercomputers in its EXPEC computer center (ECC) in aid to process large quantities of data from exploration (Badr 2). However, plans are underway to ensure we integrate a new supercomputing system with a storage capacity of 1050 terabytes to enable it to support major explorations in the Red Sea region. Currently, Saudi Armco owns five domestic refineries in Saudi Arabia, which will be primarily for availing adequate oil products to the local market. In addition, together with other stakeholders, the enterprise expects to buy half of each of the two existing in-kingdom refineries located at Yanbu and Jubail. According to our objectives, apart from marketing crude oil, petroleum products, and natural gas together with liquids, Saudi Armco will also export crude oil to other global regions using tankers. The Company will also actively participate in the fight against environmental degradation like air and water pollution. For instance, the management board has already rolled out Saudi Armco’s environmental plan incorporating all intended departmental branches (Badr 2). In this context, Saudi Armco will be able to play a major role in advocating for technological solutions to environmental issues not only now but also in the future. Consequently, this will prompt the company to maintain all its projects while under in operation aim at minimizing their environmental pollution by use of high classic technological knowhow (Badr 3). Part 2 Saudi Arabia Physical and demographic environment Advantages to business Most oil and gas reservoirs explored by Saudi Armco their respective locations are in Saudi Arabia. This is a great advantage to the enterprise because it does not incur the costs of transporting raw materials to the refineries before shipped to varied&nbsp.market regions both internally and outside the country.&nbsp.


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