Need an research paper on discuss the view that depression is just a women’s thing. Needs to be 16 pages. Please no plagiarism. Along with this, the paper will start with discussing with depression, different forms of depression, basic signs and symptoms of depression, depression in women highlighting varied aspects of depression which will include nutrition and depression, sociology and depression, psychology and depression, biology and depression. This is incorporated in order to understand the interdisciplinary nature of depression and differences in varied approaches to understand it. Further, there will be discussion on Difference in depression among men and women, effects depression on biological processes, identity and social interaction, and evaluating the management of depression in varied concerns. Overall the paper aims at getting a detailed understanding of the varied aspects related to depression and justify why depression is just a women’s thing. Depression Every individual has some situations which make him feel blue or sad. These feelings are generally fleeting and pass within few days. When a woman faces some type of depressive disorder it starts to interfere with daily life and normal functioning. This situation is painful for the women and those people who are connected with her and care for her (Bennett 2011). Depression is a common problem but the extent of its seriousness requires getting a proper treatment in order to get over it. Depression as a disease affects both men and women but trends show that women are being more affected by it in comparison men. Efforts are undertaken in order to explain the differences to explore certain factors which are unique to women and responsible for this likelihood. Many women who are suffering from depressible illness never seek the right treatment required for it (Williams 2011). There are high chances that women who are suffering from severe depression can also get better with the aid of proper treatment. Depression cannot be described as “one size fits all” especially in the cases of genders. Not only that women are more suffering from depression than men but the causes that have been tracked in female depression and even the symptoms are quite different from those of men (Dunlap 1997). There are many factors which contribute to unique factors for raising depression in women. The statistics indicate that about 1 out of 5 women are likely to develop depression at some point or some phase of life. Women have nearly double that chance of having depression. Though there is no specific age of this disorder but it is most common in women who are between the age group of 40-59 (Dunlap 1997). Different Forms of Depression There are several types of depressive disorders and varied forms of depression that occur in both men and women. The most common types of depression related disorder are major depressive disorder and dysthymic order. Along with this minor depression is also commonly witnessed (Stoppard 2000). Major depressive disorder is also known as major depression and is mainly characterised by a combination of symptoms that cause interference with the ability of people to study, eat, work, sleep and enjoy pleasurable activities. Major depression disables and prevents a person from functioning normally. There are major chances of major depression is likely to occur once in the lifetime of individual but it might reoccur in the life of the person (Stoppard 2000).


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