Need an research paper on arab nationalism. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. To Schwartz it is the political participation and activity of Wahabism and Saudism that has led to the disparity and turbulence within the Muslims ranks and force must be used against them in order to neutralize the impact and provide Muslims with a better chance of protection of their political inspirations in the desired manner (Mikhail). Adeed Dawisha has taken into account the overall scenario with study and analysis of multiple retrospectives to analyze the situation and causes of Arab Nationalism and the overall effects associated with it. Adeed Dawisha has taken into account the perspective of the Israeli writers as well to assess the overall scenario in a more transparent manner. The writer has tried to assess the situation and phenomenon of Arab Nationalism from the perspective of political face and the factors and elements it incorporated in the social spectrum. The book provides an effective account of the events and the concepts based on the fact and support of the study of multiple social systems and political orders. The book does and the author does not limit itself to the study of Arab and Nationalism as a force, rather takes into account the parallel social systems of the western world as well to analyze the exact situation at hand. Arab Nationalism has a touch and shade of one of the ethnocentric approach that came to forth prior to it. This was in form of the Western cultural and nationalistic movement. Where the policies and manifestos were in line with the agenda of promoting their culture and society. The periods of study and focus in the entire study that seek more attention are the ones during the middle of First World War and the ones that were right before the start of Second World War. The two events were significant on multiple accounts and accords. The first being that of the vulnerable and nearly collapsed state of Ottoman Empire right in the middle of First World War where the Empire and Caliphate was on its last leg and needed a mere kick to come down. The second on account of the Second World War was that of Jewish settlements in that region that were thick and heavy during those days and were an open challenge to the Arab States and it broadly invoked the feeling of extended and hardliner nationalism amongst Muslims for the purpose of defending their values and independence from the challenges faced in multiple forms. Karsh & Efraim(Karsh) have tried to assess and understand the concept of Arab Nationalism and the Pan Arab movement. They have evaluated that the overall movement is based on the concept of oneness, unity and integration of the Muslim nations into one. Densely rich with the natural resources and other territorial and strategic advantages and edge against the other parts of the world, they felt the need for capitalizing on this advantage and making use of their policies and actions in a more collective way that would allow protection of their agendas and manifestos in the desired manner. The study also takes into account the important dimension of the reasons that have contributed towards the stalemate in the achievement of goals in the overall journey of Pan Arab movement. Century long movement is challenged with multiple threats all round.


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