menides are known as the Pre-Socratics

1. Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes and other thinkers such as Heraclitus and Par-menides are known as the Pre-Socratics.A. TrueB. False2. __________maintains that object no not exist apart from being perceived.A. ThalesB. BerkeleyC. AnaximanderD. Heraclitus3. Berkeley claims that God constantly perceives reality, and thus gives it ultimate exis-tence.A. TrueB. False4. An Anthropomorphic account of reality explains things by appealing to cultural terms.A. TrueB. False5. The basic idea underlying Plato’s understanding of the nature of reality is that ideasare more real than the objects that present themselves to our senses.A. TrueB. False6. The philosophical tradition that Plato represents is called materialism.A. TrueB. False7. The philosophical approach to knowledge known as ________claims that knowledgecomes from sensory experiences.A. EmpiricismB. RationalismC. DeterminismD. None of the aboveUnit 3 Examination 137 Introduction to Philosophy8. Hume thinks that to the extent that knowledge is possible, it ultimately dependson___________.A. The sensesB. The truthC. Our KnowledgeD. Our beliefs9. Hume uses the example of a billiard ball hitting another to question the concept ofcausality.A. TrueB. False10. Gilbert Ryle uses the term ___________ to describe an error in logical categories, oth-erwise known as “comparing apples to oranges.”A. Category mistakeB. False logicC. False truthD. Error in thought11. “A triangle has three sides” is an example of an analytic statement.A. TrueB. False12. Kant tried to synthesize the epistemological views of the rationalists and empiricists.A. TrueB. False13. Locke states that qualities like color, taste, and smell are primary qualities of an ob-ject, and are not processed by the mind.A. TrueB. False14. The problem of evil is taken up in the Bible in the book of Job.A. TrueB. FalseUnit 3 Examination 138 Introduction to Philosophy15. Aquinas defines _________ as potentialities becoming actualized.A. MotionB. Sense of selfC. Our soulD. energy16. A rationalistic argument concerning God’s existence claims that by merely contem-plating the notion of God as “that-than-which-nothing-greater-can-be-thought,” webecome aware that God must exist.A. TrueB. False17. ___________claims the fear is the basis of religion, that people “accept religion onemotional grounds.”A. Bertrand RussellB. David HumeC. Thomas AquinasD. Saint Anselm18. David Hume dismisses such arguments about God’s existence from causality with theclaim that the material universe itself might be a necessarily existent being, whichmeans there is no need for a “first cause.”A. TrueB. False19. Anselm’s discussion of the possibility of God’s existence relies on empirical evidencealone.A. TrueB. False20. Marx calls the type of work that characterizes capitalism_____________.A. Alienated laborB. PunishmentC. Forces LaborD. None of the aboveUnit 3 Examination 139 Introduction to Philosophy21. _________ is an essentially deterministic principle which is, paradoxically, based onthe idea of individual free choice.A. KarmaB. RebirthC. Free willD. Spiritual life22. Buddhism began in India in the sixth century B.C.A. TrueB. False23. _______________ is the Buddhist idea that because the task of spiritual developmentis too complex to accomplish in one lifetime, we live many lives.A. KarmaB. RebirthC. Free willD. Spiritual life24. The Buddhist conception of the self is the source of the way the self is understood inWestern philosophy.A. TrueB. False25. Unlike Western religions, Buddhism emphasizes the importance of practicing medita-tion as an important way to foster spiritual development.A. TrueB. False



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