In week 6we talked a littleabout evaluation of training. One of the gurus in evaluation of training and development is Don Kirkpatrick. He actually came up with the four levels of evaluation when he was doing his research for his doctoral dissertation. His website is Kirkpatrickpartners.com where you can learn about his model in depth, search for many resources, and even sign up for a newsletter free. For any training professional I would suggest you check it out.Your assignment is to go to the website and comment on it. Enjoy Take any “training” you have been through at work.(NOTE:If you have not attended any training in your career then you can choose anacademic class) Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the training methods used in that “Training.” Be sure to explain your comments—————————————————————————-Respond to comments1A. In the mid 1950s Don Kirkpatrickcreated a 4 level training model for industrial supervisors. Due to the simplicity of the model it was able to be adapted by many industries and has been used world wide. It is one of the most well known trainingeffectivenessmodels for interpreting educational and training designs.The original model focused on;Reaction- “The degree to which participants find the training favorable, engaging and relevant to their jobs”Learning- “The degree to which participants acquire the intended knowledge, skills, attitude, confidence and commitment based on their participation in the training”Behavior- “The degree to which participants apply what they learned during training when they are back on the job”&Results- “The degree to which targeted outcomes occur as a result of the training and the support and accountability package”The model was expanded upon in 2008 to evolve with the ever changing needs for todays business needsallowing trainers to become strategic business partners and work with managers and leadership to achieve organizational goals.As stated on kirkpatrickpartners.com, “For most learning professionals and organizations, training is “on trial,” being charged with incurring expenses in excess of its value to the organization”.Today Kirkpatrick partners offers professionals the option of obtaining 1 of there 4 certifications demonstrating to organizations onesexpertise in the field.Citationhttps://kirkpatrickpartners.com/Training-Events1B. After looking at this website, it was evident that it was well received by many professionals. There were a lot of positive comments and feedback in regards to the impact it had on training evaluations. The website also included information about the history of Don Kirkpatrick and his model and explained in depth the 4 levels of the Kirkpatrick model and why they are so very important. I also really liked that on the website there is a training and events tab that includes a list of all different opportunities. The opportunities included certificates you can receive and workshops and seminars to participate and listen in. It is important to share knowledge and useful processes, but it is even more beneficial to allow professionals to continue furthering their knowledge and education on the Kirkpatrick Model as well.Kirkpatrick Partners. (2009 – 2020). The New World Kirkpatrick Model. Retrieved from https://kirkpatrickpartners.com/Our-Philosophy/The-New-World-Kirkpatrick-Model2A. I recently took a sexual harassment training. The training was done online and it was a two hour module. Overall the information in the training was very informative and it included interactions that places you in a scenario where you are suppose to answer with the appropriate response. The scenarios required you to answer 100% or else you had to do the training again. At the very end there was a test which required a 90% pass rate. The test at the end was efficient as well in my opinion. It ensures that the information was retained.A weakness of the training was the role out. Although I completed the training, the company did not clear indicate what the companies policies are regarding sexual harassment. Also the company failed to develop management support, managers were taking the training at the same time as employees. Managers were not optimistic about taking the training and did not understand the importance of it.2B. When I started my current job at Northwell Health as a Human Resource Technology Intern, the department offered a one day training program where they trained me on all of the different softwares/applications we use and interact with on a daily basis. The training was extremely helpful and interesting. However, I didn’t even have my access set-up before the training to be able to use any of these softwares/applications. This made the training a little hard to follow. I still remember, the day of training, the training began at 9AM and went on until 5PM with an hours break for lunch. Since I was the only intern recruited last season, it was just the trainer and I. A lot of the material that was discussed during the training was brand new to me, and interesting. However, not having access to the applications/softwares, it was really hard for me to memorize all the material that was being discussed. Only if I had the access set-up and situated for training, it would have been easier for me to retain more information from the training than I did. Considering I am more of a visual learner and learn things better when I practically do things, I really wish the training was a little more interactive and hands-on. Also, not being given enough break time to assimilate the information after each of the sessions made it harder for me to synthesize what was being taught and retain the information. Being the only one attending the training, it was convenient for me to ask the trainer any questions I had. Also, for the same reason, the trainer was informal in his approach and made the session really fun. In addition, I was given a bunch of self-paced training material that really helped me pick up things on the go. I still refer to that material as and when I have questions/doubts at work.


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