I will pay for the following article The Last Laugh by M. Bokor. The work is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Owia Atta comes out as the hero in the novel in the way he finds his way to the top against many challenges from his society. In part 3 and 4 of the novel, the reader is introduced to how Atta was forced to let go of his education dream that he believed would lead him to assume a crucial leadership role in the Wofakurom community that had been fictionalized to settle for farming. Owia works tirelessly hard to make his family especially his father rich but he fails to inherit all that wealth when the father dies as the father’s assets were passed on to the nephew according to the customs and traditions of the community (Bokor 178). It is the resistance of Atta in these two chapters against such practices in his community that results in a heated tension in the whole novel. His resistance was so persistent that he fell out with his communities traditions and that led him to be punished for felony. Despite Owia being punished, his daring efforts witnessed in the two parts had great impacts on his community. His life experiences are a reflection of ethnic group’s reality all over the world which in most cases leads to social unrest. The scenes in parts 3 and 4 of “The Last laugh” interweave social, political, economic and cultural issues, putting together developments in the historical times and the position taken by the traditional society especially African in the modern world (Bokor 172). The book is recommended for any reader considering the language used, the lessons it conveys, the set up of the novel, and the humor associated with characters in the novel. Published by one of the leading book sellers in the world, that is the PublishAmerica in the year 2009, the 236 paged novel equips the reader with the traditional ways in which leadership and kingship were passed in comparison with the modern society. Part 3 and 4 of the novel show how Owia though fully deserving to inherit his father’s wealth now that it was out of his hard work, he misses out due to traditional customs and beliefs in his backward society. The sections also indicate how justice did not prevail in the society as by Owia fighting for his rights, he gets punished with the system that was unfair (Bokor 150). The readers are educated on how the traditional system had many undesirable consequences associated with it indicating that such systems should be discouraged in the modern society. In addition to the lessons the readers gets from the two parts, the novel is interesting, full of scenes that will keep the readers glued to the story line until the end. Researchers view these parts of the novel as a detailed piece of literature that has gone back in time to gather the historical facts on leadership and has also done the same with the current system of governance, going ahead to analyze the two and coming up with the conclusion that the traditional system of governance don’t have a place in the modern society. It is a well researched novel as the writer gathers data from his own country which is Ghana in Africa where he is familiar with each and every field needed to be covered in the novel. This is evident in the way the sections bring out the traditional society, the social and economic activities. that is, the way the traditional system believed in working rather than education. The main character had to forego his education ambition as the society demanded that he works in the firm.


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