I will pay for the following article The Critique Of Horror. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Since, death has been a horrifying phenomenon for humans thus, filming it in a routine killing manner makes it also a part of the horror genre. It is also a known fact that unknown usually falls under the category of horror. these ideas also contain oddity of thing, place or person as horrifying. However, to make unknown or odd idea horror, mystery and curiosity play key roles in making it odd and fearsome. According to the author, the essence of strangeness makes horror entailing ideas disgusting, but this feeling of disgust generates more curiosity and appeal to the investigating person. Violence inspires wicked and dark feelings of pleasure and this depiction is enjoyed by the spectator or readers. Aesthetic horror makes the imitate fear and instills trembling feelings. Horror not always gives a betraying feeling of constant fear, but it also evokes a sense of pleasure to know what is unknown to humans that is why horror is enjoyed besides of its grossness and absurdity (Zinoman). Yet, this absurdity makes it more unique and compelling to viewers or readers in general. Jane Austin’s “Northanger Abbey” is popularly known as a parody of gothic novel chiefly “The mysteries of Udolph” by Radcliff. Her satirical view of supernatural forces and mystery is commendable. She is unable to accept the notion of mystery and horror, which people wish to see or associate with places and people. This novel shows paradox in the second chapter, where Austin is depicting how her lead characters deem that they could observe supernatural in the incidents and places they thought were haunted. The lead and main character Catherine is an inspired by gothic novels and is anticipating the same to some extent through her visits to Northanger Abbey, which is an unknown place for her. Zinoman termed this curiosity and anticipation for unknown her inclination towards horror.


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