I will pay for the following article Media Analyse. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. It also intends to assess the strength as well as weaknesses of these two communication mediums from the perspective of marketing communication. Compare and Contrast Uses of Facebook and The Economist Current statistical findings suggest that Facebook has a greater influence upon the way people communicate. The main advantage of using Facebook is that it permits the marketers to be in connection with the people all around the day whether they are on their mobile devices, at home or at work, watching TV or shopping with their friends. It is because of this reason that the marketers are capable of generating rich social experiences, develop enduring relationships and enhance the strongest marketing strategies such as Word-Of-Mouth (WOM). Facebook has been one of the medium that permits the companies to learn regarding the customer behaviour having close observations of their actions and by involving with them directly. This social networking site is often considered as one of the best online places to learn about the potential customers and their perception about the company. It becomes easier for the companies to integrate their customers into their product development cycle along with the marketing campaign (Facebook, 2011). It is a well known fact that the magazines are not just read once but are read several times by the readers. The readers often prefer reading most of the pages repeatedly. This is one of the main advantages of print media in comparison to television or radio. It has been revealed from the JICNARS Reader Categorization Study that most of the readers of magazines view the spreads. Thus, the advertisements that the company places are at least viewed by the readers in the process of screening the content of the magazines. There are many evidences which prove that the magazine advertisement has the capability of selling the products (Consterdine, 2005). There have been favourable sales effects of campaigns which are focused upon magazine advertising. It is to be remembered that the magazine exposure do not take place at once the issue is published. The impact of the advertisement is basically evident after a week or even a month and therefore the advertisers need to consider these facts so that they can compare ad exposure as well as advertisement effect (Office of Commission, 2006). The weekly news magazine such as The Economist sells quickly because it is well written and covers almost all the issues of the world. It has also been observed that the magazine is aimed at those readers who prefer to remain informed. A good instance of a promotion that includes both consumer as well as business sector is generated by The Economist. There are four main components such as ‘Invoice me’ option, good use of colour, stronger offer and an easy order form that tend to help the marketers to ensure that the advertisements placed on The Economist will perform effectively in comparison to other forms of advertisements in UK (Subscription Strategy, 2006). The main advantage of reading The Economist is that each of the issues intends to discover domestic as well as international issues. It also offers its readers with news relating to science, technology, finance, business and arts. Each article published by The Economist is highly analytical.


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