I will pay for the following article Meaning and Thematic Significance of the Quote from Lysistrata by Aristophanes. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. This quote portrayed men as materialistic in nature and was concerned about protecting their properties from female counterparts. The male believed that the material property in the society played a key role in the society (Henderson 535). On the other hand, the women believed that men had the responsibility of men to stop the war. In this instance, women in the Greece culture were .were portrayed as sexual objects that ensured constant ownership of all the material properties, which was ironically designed to perpetuate the recurring war instead of reducing it. This is because, in this situation, the females were taken to be the most significant resource over which male competed. Consequently, lead to conflict between the two sexes in the society where men saw themselves superior and treated their women as mere sexual objects in the society. In this society, the Athens’ culture needed that every male was forced become a warrior, and his position in the society was gauged by his capability to fight, safeguard an obtain property from other warriors. Masculinity and warfare were two cultural determinants in the society. however, they were the genesis of the problems affecting the society. War was primarily used by the male to distinguish each other in the face of the rising demands of the women to have their men become responsible and stops the war. The engendered and internecine aspect of the war gradually more restricted the capability of the male citizens to differentiate themselves militarily and politically, apart from the moment of death or discredit, whereas the espousal of the harmonious or democratic perspective was equivocally unsustainable as this was considered unethical an unmanly in the male dominated environment. This conflict and its negative outcomes in the face of the play for both individual and the polis are well articulated by Aristophanes via the conflicted persona of his initial protagonist position. As the men became restricted in ever-lasting war with themselves, and with war itself, the female counterparts evolved to be part of the material property in which they struggle to maintain in the face of a society dominated by male. This was because female reproductive abilities were the major avenues by which the patriarchal structure of conflicts, ownership, transmission, and appropriation through justifiable beneficiaries was established (Henderson 31). The monogamous marriage aspect in this society was designed control women’s sexuality and guarantee parenthood. it was an undertaking that substituted and warranted that of war, and which proved female designation as property or use-objects, meant for male abuse. The monogamous aspect in the society promoted the aspect of commoditization and sexual exchange of women as apparently peaceful existence of male social relations, which was contrary to war ,however ,the aims of both undertakings yielded the same results : to acquire and maintain material property ,therefore promoting the status. During this time, the practice of slavery was experienced and this was because of successive development of the aspect of war, agriculture, and property ownership.


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