I will pay for the following article Last day at school. The work is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. I gained many friends in these years and they really changed my world. Even the teachers of the school were different in their own way. Somewhere friendly but others grave and did not talk freely with us. It is sometimes hard to imagine that these lovely years of learning has at last come to an end. It is impossible to believe that I need to leave the high school where I met so many wonderful people and friends. I know I have become close with my fellow students and this bond is not easy to forget. It is really difficult to assume what life would have been without these happy high school years. These days I was sometimes joyful and sometimes nervous and also there were days of sorrow. All these emotions took a ride through my years in high school. And the day when I had to bid good bye to my friends, tears rolled out of my eyes. I never realized that I love my school so much .It has given me valuable experience and knowledge and number of friends that I can never forget. It was a memorable days, when I was busy compiling my graduation book with my friends and fellow students. All of us with a mixed feeling of sorrow and anxiety in our mind spend the last days of school in unity. I remember the times when I was busy with compiling the graduation book, the one with all the memories, fun photos and writing jotted down in it. The graduation book is a treasure for me, when I look in to the book I find my friends face glaring at me which give me utter happiness. The day when I was compiling it, I requested my best friend to put his picture on the front page and he sticked a photo in which both of us were holding hands in a sportive manner. He wrote words which displayed his feeling and love for me. I could not look in to his eyes as I could see the tears ready to fall out of his eyes. I did not know to cry or smile and was in a big confusion as to how to express my feelings for my friend at this delicate moment. The second page of the book I dedicated to the sporting days that me and my friend have spend together .The picture of me and him in soccer shorts and dribbling the ball through the foot ball ground and how messy we looked. Those beautiful days are hard to be captured in the space of a book. In that joyous moment I hugged my friend as he meant a lot to me. The main reason for this is that he was with me through all the good and bad times of high school days. He drew a picture of my smiling face with the pen on this page and I knew he always wanted me to laugh and be happy. The other moment was to confront my only friend who was a girl and she was such a lovely person, less could be told about her. She was the one who gave me confidence and hope in times of despair and depression. When I moved to this school, I was all gloomy and disturbed but she came to me as a hope. She consoled me and introduced me to other students proudly and made me converse with my class mates. On this day I expressed to her what she has meant to me. I hugged her and express my gratitude and respect as she was unlike other girls in the class. It was surprising when she wrote that sweet poem in my book which related to friendship and love. There were words from heart and is heart touching every time I read it. The picture taken with me and her on the birthday was the best picture in my graduation book. Her smile was radiant and always gave me positive vibes. I remember the day, when I approached her at home and requested for a picture for my book. And she came with a wrapper of chocolate that I have given her during my school days. She still had it, and she stuck that to my book and I could not ask for more. The wrapper still smelled of chocolate, it had the aroma of friendship and warm feeling she had for me.


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